SCSY Liveblog: U. Chicago Wins Best Large Delegation!

by Ryan on October 17, 2010

SCSY Secretariat with Best Large Delegation U. Chicago

After an epic four days, the Security Council Simulation at Yale concluded with the University of Chicago taking home Best Large Delegation!

What are they cheering?

Themistocles, Thucydides,
The Peloponnesian War,
X squared, Y squared,
Who for? What for?
Who we gonna yell for?

Awards Analysis

By my count, U. Chicago won hands down with 7 Best Delegate awards (numbers to be confirmed later by the SCSY Secretariat). The University of Pennsylvania won Outstanding Large Delegation with 2 Best Delegate awards.

I believe Harvard was close behind, also having won 2 Best Delegate awards, but UPenn received a greater number of Outstandings and Honorable Mentions.

West Point won Best Small Delegation and Columbia won Outstanding Small Delegation. Columbia actually won 2 Best Delegate awards, whereas West Point had 1, but they also received a greater number of Outstandings and Honorable Mentions.

U. Chicago Interview

In a previous SCSY Liveblog post, I interviewed Ben from U. Chicago, who represented the Archangel Gabriel in the Paradise Lost joint crisis committee. He won Best Delegate and U. Chicago won the conference, so I asked Ben to describe the feeling of success. His response?

“It’s difficult to quantify.”

How true!

SCSY Secretariat Interview

Finally, I had the chance to interview a happy and exhausted SCSY Secretariat.

Afterwards, I joined the staff at local favorite, Yorkside, to celebrate the end of the conference over pizza, milkshakes, and buffalo chicken tenders. The post-conference staff lunch has been held at Yorkside for as long as I can remember. Some things are just tradition.

SCSY Staff Celebrates Over Pizza and Milkshakes at Yorkside

Congratulations to all the delegates, staff, and Secretariat for a successful conference! A very special thank you to Secretary-General Dahlia Mignouna and Director-General Akanksha Bajaj for having me liveblog the conference! Thanks also to Assistant Secretary-General for Social Media Emmanuel Quartey for the chance to collaborate on our respective liveblogs. Thank you to Jared and Max for hosting me. And thanks to all the delegates and staff who were interviewed for Best Delegate!

Did you attend SCSY? Let us know what you thought about the conference in the comments!

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