SSUNS Liveblog: Delegates Ignite Their Passion for Model UN

by KFC on November 13, 2011

The 2011 Secondary Schools United Nations Symposium (SSUNS) has a theme of “We Ignite” and aimed to ignite the delegates’ passion for Model UN during Opening Ceremonies. It seemed that the 800+ delegates at Canada’s premier secondary school conference took that to heart as both experienced and new delegates from many schools participated actively throughout the weekend. Even the faculty advisors got into it with their own crisis simulation! Check out our photoblog below!

Like always, we try to capture delegates who stood out because they were leading or actively participating in committee. Check out our photos of delegates in action sorted by committee:

World Intellectual Property Organization 

WIPO staff pose for Best Delegate

India (Manlius Pebble Hill) and the United Kingdom (Marianopolis College) work on resolutions together in WIPO

Syria (Mira Costa), Peru (Oakville Trafalgar) and Paraguay (Midcoast MUN) discuss ideas for a draft resolution together in WIPO

Belarus (Gorham HS) writes down operative clauses

Indian Cabinet of Ministers

The Indian Cabinet dais listen to delegates speak

Kumari Selja (Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute) and KV Thomas (Sinclair Secondary School) present their draft resolution to address water sanitation issues in India

Shri Kamal Nath (Westdale Secondary School) has some concerns about the draft resolution

Ministers propose a rival resolution in the Indian Cabinet


Swaziland, Singapore, and Cuba (all from the University of Toronto Schools) present a controversial resolution on establishing quarantine camps for HIV/AIDS victims

Germany (Bayview Glen Academy) has some concerns about that resolution

Qatar (John Fraser Secondary School) also has concerns about the resolution and asks the sponsors a question

Canada (Strathcona Tweedsmuir) goes as far to condemn the resolution

New York Times Editorial Board

Lawrence Downes (Bishop Strachan) questions David Firestone about his controversial article endorsing a Republican candidate

David Firestone (Marianopolis College) defends the article her character wrote in the NY Times

UN Security Council

India (Manlius Pebble Hill) not only kept his composure but negotiated assertively with the Muslim Brotherhood in the Security Council crisis

The United Kingdom (Marianopolis College) speaks in the Security Council

Suez Crisis

Colombia (Shawnigan Lake School) participates in unmoderated caucus in the Suez Crisis

Syria (Mira Costa) gets his ideas across during unmoderated caucus in the Suez Crisis

Indonesia (Manlius Pebble Hill) and Cambodia (Mira Costa) exchange ideas for a draft resolution in the Suez Crisis

Delegates engage in a discussion during unmoderated caucus in the Suez Crisis

The United States (Hillfield Strathallan College) feels confident as bloc leader in the Suez Crisis


Sponsors Australia (West Point Grey Academy), Belarus (Gorham HS), Canada (Strathcona Tweedsmuir), Japan (Little Flower Academy), and Kyrgyzstan (Hillfield Strathallan) present their draft resolution on border control

Croatia (Crescent School) is all smiles after his country's concerns were addressed

Austria (Chaminade College School) speaks in the OSCE

Peace of Solferino

Delegates collaborate on their ideas in the Peace of Solferino committee

Delegates participate in unmoderated caucus in the Peace of Solferino committee

Allende’s Cabinet

Edgardo Enriquez (Strathcona Tweedsmuir) gets his point across in Allende's Cabinet

General Cesar Ruiz Danyau (Crescent School) brings up a few points in Allende's Cabinet

Shakespeare’s Caesar

Julius Caesar (John Abbott College) gets into her role by dressing up


Japan and Malaysia (both from Little Flower Academy) are enjoying the conference


The sponsors for one of the resolutions in SPECPOL included Iran (Bishop Strachan), Pakistan (Ashbury College), Syria (Mira Costa), and Bangladesh (Hillfield Strathallan)


Delegates caucus in the OECD

Other photos from the conference:

Faculty advisors loved their own crisis simulation

A delegate gets ready for the next committee session despite all the propaganda posted outside the committee door

TV McGill uses a green screen to film its news updates

TV McGill constantly interviews all conference participants

Crisis staff hard at work to plan the Somalia joint crisis



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