Surf City Model United Nations 2012 Liveblog

by Ryan on February 4, 2012

Delegates discussed how to reunify the Korean Peninsula in Surf City's joint cabinet crisis

Over 700 delegates from 8 Southern California schools attended this weekend’s Surf City MUN Conference hosted by Huntington Beach High School. The Best Large Delegation awards went to Mira Costa and Edison, and Palos Verdes and Gahr received the Best Small Delegation awards.

One highlight of the conference was the joint crisis between the cabinets of North Korea and South Korea discussing reunification of the Korean Peninsula. The crisis staff had access to a green screen and made liberal use of it to create crisis videos. The two cabinets merged during the last committee session to have a joint negotiation on how to reunify the Koreas.

Click below to see more pictures from the conference!

Thank you to advisors Shaun Haney and Bill Harmicar and Secretaries-General Tianne Nguyen and Monica Vergara for having me visit!

  • Anonymous

    In the HB tradition a very professional conference. Chairs did their jobs, no name games, song speeches or immaturity. Fast weekend that went pretty smooth. Congrats to the Oilers.

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