Welcome to Moderated Caucus, a series examining the questions that keep delegates, chairs and secretariats up at night. Should closing ceremonies have guest speakers? Does crisis actually count as MUN? How do you explain to […]

Recap Part 2: NCSC XLI

by arhoades on November 1, 2013

The Florida International University Delegation poses with their awards

After three days of intense committee sessions, it’s time for “Sunday Funday,” the day at Model UN conferences where crises and delegates alike go rogue.  In the roughly one hour of committee sessions to round […]

The Best Delegate team has been to 200+ conferences around the world and we have seen many definitions of success that reflect different educational values and philosophies. Some conferences value the competitive aspect of Model […]

National MUN Award Winners by the Numbers

by Ryan on April 27, 2011

NMUN published the list of awards on its website earlier today and I wanted to share a few observations. Four schools in particular received Outstanding Delegation awards (decided by the NMUN staff) and the greatest […]

UCBMUN ended earlier today. The University of Pennsylvania won Best Large Delegation. Best Small went to Florida State and UCLA won Best California Delegation.