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Welcome to Moderated Caucus, a series examining the questions that keep delegates, chairs and secretariats up at night. Should closing ceremonies have guest speakers? Does crisis actually count as MUN? How do you explain to […]

Tips and Tricks to Master MUN Conference Debates

by nabila.elassar on October 28, 2014

Bernie Sanders engages in a respective debate with Ted Cruz on the merits of Obamacare

It’s never easy sitting in that conference hall, surrounded by countless other delegations- the eager, the fighter, the hard worker and the researcher, all colliding in a heated debate to push forward their country’s interests. […]

What is Diplomacy?

by nabila.elassar on October 17, 2014

  “Honorable delegate, please maintain diplomatic decorum!” Any Model UN delegate would know that this phrase is as lethal in our world, as Kryptonite is to Superman. The chair uses it to ensure delegates stay […]

Diplomacy is for Everyone (Even for a Nursing Student)

by indahgilang on November 13, 2013

Delegates of WHO: Diplomacy is for everyone, isn't it?

This is a guest article from Ahmad Reza Mardian, a senior Nursing students from Universitas Indonesia, who snatched the Best Delegate award, representing USA in WHO at Indonesia Model United Nations 2013, Indonesia International Model United Nations […]

Mission Viejo High School Model United Nations (MVHS MUN) hosted over 1,000 delegates on the 30th anniversary of its conference. The conference theme was Initium Novum — New Beginnings. The theme was relevant for many […]

Courtesy of Mitchell Francis

From November 9th through 11th, the William and Mary International Relations Club hosted its 26th year of WMHSMUN, one of the east coast’s most competitive conferences. A unique feature of the conference was the three […]

The Best Strategies from 2010-11

by KFC on September 6, 2011

Welcome back to school! We have an entire set of leadership and strategy articles in store for you this year. Most of the articles over the next two months will focus on public speaking and […]

Today is the launch of the Best Delegate database of Model United Nations conferences! It’s a lot more global and comprehensive than the one we had for the current school year, and we hope you will […]