The Four Factors of Picking the Right Model UN Conference

by Priyan Selvakumar on December 1, 2017

Opening Ceremonies Photo Credit: Stephanie He and Sam Gregory Photography, and the SSUNS Media Team

One of the biggest challenges for a Model UN club is to decide what conferences they want to attend. One thing that all clubs have in common is that they want to create the best […]

The FCMUN Experience

by Conna Walsh on March 13, 2017

model united nations

  This guest article was provided FCMUN Secretary-General Thaenpaavai Kannan & Director-General Arielle Tait. With the 10th Annual Five College Model United Nations Conference (FCMUN) right around the corner between March 24th and 26th, the Secretariat takes […]

McMUN Recap

by Caroline Rose on February 16, 2016


On the collegiate Model UN circuit, there is no conference like McMUN. Many conferences boast a diverse host of delegations in attendance, but the McGill University Model United Nations Conference is truly an international conference […]

ScotMUN: Scotland Model United Nations

In a world where politics dominates, and the persistently changing tide of world affairs absorbs every last drop of mental strength from leaders the world over, how does one prepare for the step from Model […]

Delegate Morgan Rose and Henry Blaime make their case in the UNDC

This liveblog was contributed by staff writer Caroline Rose. It was another very successful year for Langley High School, who hosted their second Virginia Invitational Model United Nations Conference (VIMUNC) in Northern Virginia from March 13-14, […]


This recap article and the accompanying photos were contributed by Sasha Sleiman, Secretary-General of Northwest Model United Nations – Seattle 2014. The 2014 iteration of the Northwest Model United Nations conference (NWMUN-Seattle) brought together over […]

Delegates caucus at WIRC 2013

This article was provided by the Secretariat of the Washington International Relations Conference.  It’s 3 p.m. on the longest day of debate and you are one roll-call vote away from moving onto the next topic. […]

Tips and Tricks to Master MUN Conference Debates

by nabila.elassar on October 28, 2014

Bernie Sanders engages in a respective debate with Ted Cruz on the merits of Obamacare

It’s never easy sitting in that conference hall, surrounded by countless other delegations- the eager, the fighter, the hard worker and the researcher, all colliding in a heated debate to push forward their country’s interests. […]

Delegates debate at YMGE 2013.

This article was provided by David Steiner, president of Yale Model Government Europe (YMGE) 2014.  YMGE was founded in an effort to reimagine the traditional United Nations simulation in a way that is more dynamic, […]