The 150 Best High School Model UN Teams in North America 2013-2014

by KFC on June 17, 2014

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Some of the Best High School Model UN teams in North America for 2013-2014. Pictured (clockwise): Horace Mann at ILMUNC, Mira Costa at NHSMUN, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South at WAMUNC, and Dalton at HMUN.

Best Delegate would like to recognize the 150 Best High School Model United Nations Teams in North America for the 2013-2014 school year!

The list primarily consists of teams that received a school delegation award (e.g. Best Large, Outstanding Large, Best Small, Outstanding Small, or equivalent) at any multi-day advanced Model UN conference in North America with at least 500 delegates. A few teams were also included for performing well at a major conference in North America, for performing well across several multi-day conferences with at least 500 delegates in North America, or for winning Best Large Delegation or equivalent at the next largest multi-day conference in their region. Disclaimer: We can only use data that is provided to us by the conferences. We reached out to over 100 conferences in North America, but not every conference was able to provide the awards data.

Teams are divided into six regions: Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, South, West, and International. A separate list for Canada was not possible this year due to insufficient awards data. Teams could attend conferences in any region and be recognized for their success. Because teams attend conferences in different regions and because the number of conferences vary across regions, the distributions are not exactly even but nevertheless fairly distributed; there are 26 Northeast teams, 27 Mid-Atlantic teams, 25 Midwest teams, 24 South teams, 24 West teams, and 24 International teams that are recognized in the Top 150 this year.

This new recognition method replaces the rankings, and the reasons are explained in this article about why Best Delegate is moving away from rankings. Awards are one definition of success. Other definitions of success that have been proposed for us to consider recognizing in the future include conference organizing (i.e. high schools that do the best at hosting their own conference) and civic engagement (i.e. high schools who go beyond MUN simulations by engaging in advocacy, community service, philanthropy, or other educational programming).

Northeast Region

The Northeast region consists of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hamsphire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Teams based in this region that won delegation awards or performed notably well at major conferences in North America are listed here. Notable conferences in this region include: BosMUN, BUSUN, CMUNC, CMUNCE, CNYMUN, DartMUN, EagleMUNC, GCIMUN, HMUN, MITMUNC, NHSMUN, UCMUN, UMass MUN, Yeshiva MUN, YMUN, and others. The teams in alphabetical order:

  • Bay Shore High School (New York)
  • Beaver Country Day School (Massachusetts)
  • Bedford High School (New Hampshire)
  • Bromfield School (Massachusetts)
  • Buckingham Browne & Nichols (Massachusetts)
  • Choate Rosemary Hall (Connecticut)
  • Collegiate School (New York)
  • Concord Academy (Massachusetts)
  • Dalton School (New York)
  • Dana Hall School (Massachusetts)
  • Elmont Memorial High School (New York)
  • Horace Mann School (New York)
  • Hotchkiss School (Connecticut)
  • King Low Heywood Thomas (Connecticut)
  • Loomis Chaffee School (Connecticut)
  • Manlius Pebble Hill School (New York)
  • New Canaan High School (Connecticut)
  • North Andover High School (Massachusetts)
  • Oceanside High School (New York)
  • Phillips Academy (Massachusetts)
  • Phillips Exeter Academy (New Hampshire)
  • Stuyvesant High School (New York)
  • The Master’s School (New York)
  • Trevor Day School (New York)
  • Trinity School (New York)
  • Woodstock Academy (Connecticut)

Mid-Atlantic Region

The Mid-Atlantic region consists of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC, and West Virginia. Teams based in this region that won delegation awards or performed notably well at major conferences in North America are listed here. Notable conferences in this region include: Academy MUN, Chantilly MUN, HenMUN, ILMUNC, JHUMUNC, NAIMUN, ODUMUNC, PHUNC, PMUNC, RUMUN, SHUMUN, TechMUN, VAMUN, VIMUNC, WAMUNC, WMHSMUN, and others. The teams in alphabetical order:

  • Al-Ghazaly School (New Jersey)
  • Bergen County Academies (New Jersey)
  • Bishop Ireton High School (Virginia)
  • Douglas S. Freeman High School (Virginia)
  • Franklin High School (New Jersey)
  • George C. Marshall High School (Virginia)
  • Granby High School (Virginia)
  • Great Valley High School (Pennsylvania)
  • J.P. Stevens High School (New Jersey)
  • Langley High School (Virginia)
  • Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School (Virginia)
  • McLean High School (Virginia)
  • Mt. Lebanon High School (Pennsylvania)
  • Noor-ul-Iman School (New Jersey)
  • Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy (Pennsylvania)
  • Princeton High School (New Jersey)
  • Radnor High School (Pennsylvania)
  • School Without Walls (Washington DC)
  • South Lakes High School (Virginia)
  • St. Alban’s School (Washington DC)
  • Tallwood High School (Virginia)
  • Tenafly High School (New Jersey)
  • Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology (Virginia)
  • West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North (New Jersey)
  • West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South (New Jersey)
  • Winston Churchill High School (Maryland)
  • Wyomissing Area Junior/Senior High School (Pennsylvania)

Midwest Region

The Midwest region consists of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Teams based in this region that won delegation awards or performed notably well at major conferences in North America are listed here. Notable conferences in this region include: CIMUN, GLIMUN, IHSMUN, MAMUN, MKCMUN, NSUMUN, MUNI, MUNUC, MUNUM, NUMUN, OSUMUN, SEMMUNA, Topeka MUN, WHSMUN, WUMUNS, and others. The teams in alphabetical order:

  • Bloomfield Hills High School (Michigan)
  • Chicagoland Jewish Day School (Illinois)
  • Deerfield High School (Illinois)
  • Detroit Country Day School (Michigan)
  • Edina High School (Minnesota)
  • Glenbrook South High School (Illinois)
  • Highland Park High School (Illinois)
  • Latin School of Chicago (Illinois)
  • Liberty High School (Missouri)
  • Liberty North High School (Missouri)
  • Lyons Township High School (Illinois)
  • North Farmington High School (Michigan)
  • North Shore Country Day School (Illinois)
  • Pewaukee High School (Wisconsin)
  • Rock Bridge High School (Missouri)
  • Rockhurst High School (Missouri)
  • Shaker Heights High School (Ohio)
  • Shawnee Heights High School (Kansas)
  • St. Francis DeSales High School (Ohio)
  • St. Ignatius College Prep (Illinois)
  • St. Ignatius High School (Ohio)
  • University of Chicago Laboratory School (Illinois)
  • Upper Arlington High School (Ohio)
  • Verona Area High School (Wisconsin)
  • Washburn Rural High School (Kansas)

South Region

The South region consists of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. Teams based in this region that won delegation awards or performed notably well at major conferences in North America are listed here. Notable conferences in this region include: Arkansas MUN, CTMUN, DUMUNC, FIMUN, GatorMUN, Georgia Southern MUN, FHSMUN, GTMUN, HAMUN, KnightMUN, MICSUN, MUNSA, OCMUNC, SUSMUN, SWFLMUN, UGAMUNC, VUMUN, and others. The teams in alphabetical order:

  • American Heritage School (Florida)
  • Belen Jesuit High School (Florida)
  • Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School (North Carolina)
  • Canterbury School (Ft. Myers, Florida)
  • Cape Coral High School (Florida)
  • Centennial High School (Georgia)
  • Claudia Taylor Johnson High School (Texas)
  • Conway High School (South Carolina)
  • Grovetown High School (Georgia)
  • Gulf Coast High School (Florida)
  • Hillsborough High School (Florida)
  • Liberal Arts & Sciences Academy (Texas)
  • McCallie School (Tennessee)
  • North Cobb High School (Georgia)
  • Oasis High School (Florida)
  • Pine View School (Florida)
  • Pope John Paul II High School (Tennessee)
  • Port Charlotte High School (Florida)
  • Pulaski Academy (Arkansas)
  • Richland Northeast High School (South Carolina)
  • Seminole High School (Florida)
  • Spanish River High School (Florida)
  • Westlake High School (Texas)
  • William P. Clements High School (Texas)

West Region

The West region consists of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Teams based in this region that won delegation awards or performed notably well at major conferences in North America are listed here. Notable conferences in this region include: Alaska MUN, Arizona MUN, BMUN, BruinMUN, CCCMUN, DavisMUN, EHSMUN, ETHSMUN, GauchoMUN, Montana MUN, MVHSMUN, Oregon MUN, RHSMUN, SCVMUN, SMUNC, Surf City MUN, Teton County MUN, TritonMUN, THSMUN, UCIMUN, and others. The teams in alphabetical order:

  • Brighton High School (Utah)
  • California High School (San Ramon, California)
  • Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy (Idaho)
  • Cerritos High School (California)
  • Dougherty Valley High School (California)
  • Edison High School (Huntington Beach, California)
  • Foothill High School (Pleasanton, California)
  • Gahr High School (California)
  • Huntington Beach High School (California)
  • Irvine High School (California)
  • Jackson High School (Wyoming)
  • Milken Community High School (California)
  • Mira Costa High School (California)
  • Mountain View High School (Arizona)
  • Newport Harbor High School (California)
  • Palos Verdes Peninsula High School (California)
  • San Marino High School (California)
  • Santa Margarita Catholic High School (California)
  • Spring Valley High School (Nevada)
  • St. Margaret’s Episcopal School (California)
  • Torrey Pines High School (California)
  • Tustin High School (California)
  • University High School (Irvine, California)
  • Whitney High School (California)


The International region consists of teams from outside of the 50 US states that participated in at least one conference in North America. Teams from Puerto Rico and Canada are listed here as they do not fit into any of the other regions; a separate Canada list may be considered in the future if enough data from Canadian conferences becomes available. Notable conferences in Canada include: ACMUN, BAMUN, CAHSMUN, CAIMUN, Chaminade MUN, ConnectMUN, OMWHO, SEMIMUN, SOMA, SSICSim, SSUNS, UTMUN, VMUN, and York MUN. The teams in alphabetical order:

  • Academia Merici (Venezuela)
  • Anatolia College (Greece)
  • Anglo-Chinese School (Singapore)
  • Baldwin School of Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)
  • Bayview Glen School (Canada)
  • Cathedral & John Connon School (India)
  • Colegio Cumbres Medellin (Colombia)
  • Colegio Puertorriqueño de Niñas (Puerto Rico)
  • Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola (Puerto Rico)
  • Global Leader (China)
  • Hillfield Strathallan College (Canada)
  • Instituto Andes (Venezuela)
  • Laurentius-Gymnasium (Germany)
  • Lyceum School (Pakistan)
  • Marianopolis College (Canada)
  • Prepa Ibero (Mexico)
  • Robert College (Turkey)
  • Saint John’s School (Puerto Rico)
  • Shawnigan Lake School (Canada)
  • St. George’s School (Canada)
  • Strathcona Tweedsmuir School (Canada)
  • The Skinner’s School (United Kingdom)
  • University of Toronto Schools (Canada)
  • Upper Canada College (Canada)


Congratulations to all the teams! We’ll be busy teaching at the Best Delegate Summer Programs throughout the summer and preparing our new Global Media Secretariat for when the school year re-starts in the fall. Hope everyone has a productive and fun summer!

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    Go back to Top 10 and do the regional accommodation for all others- you’re ruining the sense of pride so many great teams have by cheering for basically everyone. This is so much of what is wrong with our generation, everyone feels entitled because we’re giving out awards and accolades for barely more than participating! MUN is a competition and an educational experience. Without being able to say “We were ranked within the top 10 teams in North America” delegates from top teams lose a huge part of their resume and teams lose a huge part of their ability to recruit. I firmly believe that we are witnessing the beginning of the end of High School Model UN due to the disestablishment of rankings.






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    This article humorously mentions Johnson High School out of San Antonio Texas but fails to mention Ronald Reagan High School and the International School of the Americas. Reagan usually takes at least first or second in large school delegations and has a program of nearly 100 people with one of the best Model UN coaches who not only explains foreign policy but the literature associated with the United Nations. The coach provides many detailed lectures on the most reliable sources, incorporation of the UN charter and ensures each delegate he puts forth has extensive knowledge of majority of UN operations. Secondly, ISA host perhaps the largest conference in the southern hemisphere. In fact, the conference they hold crosses international borders and host specific committees in Spanish. Each year MUNSA has thousands of people. UT actually coordinated with MUNSA on a change of conference dates. It would be nice to see such schools mentioned on the list.

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