The Best Strategies from 2010-11

by KFC on September 6, 2011

Welcome back to school! We have an entire set of leadership and strategy articles in store for you this year. Most of the articles over the next two months will focus on public speaking and negotiation — these are two of the most essential skills in Model UN and are useful in many leadership roles. We’ll be teaching these skills in our upcoming Workshops tour as well (dates and locations to be announced September 12th).

In the meantime, here are the best strategies from last year. Instead of hand-picking them, we went straight into our analytics to look at our most popular posts — these are the top ten strategies that delegates found the most useful:

1. 15 Things Every Delegate Should Have in their Research Binder: this is the ultimate BS-ing buster. A well-organized research binder will arm you with the details needed to be a substantive leader of your committee.

2.¬†5 Skills Every Delegate Should Learn: we break down the five essential skills in Model UN: research, public speaking, team building, writing, and debating. Advanced delegates will want to learn the five advanced skills instead — prepare, inspire, connect, empower, and negotiate — which we explain in How to Win Awards in Model UN.

3. Making It Up: we all do it, but learn about what you should know before you start making things up in committee.

4. Framing: framing is one of the most practical skills and should be used as a technique to break down and analyze any problem you encounter whether it’s in a committee, in school, or in life.

5. Framing Your Topic: this takes the framing concept and applies it to your topic. It explains how delegates should take a background guide or topic synopsis and distill all that information into relevant policies and proposed actions.

6. 5 Western Business Attire Tips for Female Delegates: Western Business Attire and packing can be complicated for female delegates sometimes. Guest writer Laura Bernstein, President of Mt. Holyoke’s Model UN team, shares five tips for her peers.

7. How to Face Your Fear in MUN: 5 Tips for New Delegates: the quick crash course for the new or shy delegate who can use some help in overcoming intimidation to participate in committee.

8. The Five Stages of Committee Every Delegate Should Know: most committees are actually a game with five stages, and you have to know which stage you’re in and what to do in each one if you want to lead the committee.

9. How to Handle Power Delegates: there will always be aggressive people in committee (and in life) — here are some tips on how to counter their tactics so that you are not at their mercy

10. How to Debate Resolutions: Debate on resolutions don’t have to be all over the place — here’s a way to keep debate productive, effective, and simple.


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  • Chergai Rittenberg

    Great articles. I cannot wait for some live blogs for this year’s conferences.
    It shall be a fantastic year.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the great tips. We just participated in our first major conference (CIMUN), but we didn’t know about your website. This will be great as we prepare for our next one (MUNUC).

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