The Future of the Best Delegate Media Team

by KFC on September 23, 2013

Best Delegate meeting MUN leaders from around the world at the UN Workshop

Best Delegate meeting MUN leaders from around the world at the UN Workshop

Best Delegate already has a global audience — we had over 350,000 readers from 190+ countries and territories last year — and now it is time to turn the Best Delegate Media division into a global team to provide that audience with increasingly representative coverage from different parts of the world.

We had our inaugural class of Media Associates last year that helped significantly expand coverage of conferences and stories to Canada, the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, and beyond. We’re ready to announce the next class of Media Associates, and I wanted to share with you how that team and the future teams will look.

1. Globally Local in Representation

The Media Team will be globally diverse; it is time to expand beyond our roots in North America and have Media Associates based in many locations around the world so that they can better represent those communities and their stories from a bottom-up approach. Every region around the world will be locally represented in the future, but for now we’ll still have some regions covered by Media Associates from outside the region until we receive quality applicants from that region. Regional assignments will be rebalanced every year depending on traffic numbers so that communities that read Best Delegate more often will get to see their stories featured proportionally often on the website.

2. Multimedia & Multilingual Delivery

Best Delegate has been offering valuable blog articles for many years, but we want to expand the educational resources and opportunities offered on the website. The future role of the Media Team will be producing other forms of multimedia such as live webinars, online courses, and downloadable guides. In addition, we plan to replicate some of the existing articles and future resources into other languages so that Model UN participants who prefer to learn in a language other than English can better benefit from the website. Our goal is to launch some of these aforementioned resources starting this year.


We want to thank all the followers of Best Delegate for your support so far, and our entire Media Team looks forward to serving you with even better content in the future!

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