The THIMUN Qatar-Northwestern Film Festival

by Emily on May 23, 2012

In May 2012, young filmmakers from around the world converged on Doha, Qatar for the first annual THIMUN Qatar-Northwestern Film Festival.  This year THIMUN Qatar and Northwestern University in Qatar held its first International Film Festival. Films were received from all over the world, such as USA, Panama, Hungary, China, Middle East, The Netherlands and many more along with schools from Qatar.

“What makes film a powerful tool is that is does not simply communicate information; it uses a combination of language and cinematography to transmit emotion” – Setareh Gerashi, Qatar Academy student and THIMUN Film Institute Coordinator (2012).

The idea behind the film festival was to challenge MUN participants to become advocates for the issues they have debated in MUN conferences.  This year the films covered a range of topics from police corruption in Panama, problems with land development in China,  documentaries on youth community and service programs in Kenya, Qatar and Japan, and the populist revolutions in Libya, Egypt and Syria. The ultimate goal of the film festival is to provide a platform for high school students to showcase their work to a wider audience.  All nominated films are posted on Youtube in the THIMUN Qatar film festival channel.

THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival invites you to submit entries for the 2013 Film Festival.  Film makers will be invited to take part in 3 days of activities culminating in a gala awards evening.  International nominees will receive free flight and accommodation courtesy of THIMUN Qatar and Northwestern University in Qatar.  Winner for the Best Picture category will be awarded QR10, 000 and trophy. Films will also be judged for Best Editing, Best Story, Best Cinematography, Best Sound, People’s Choice and Al Jazeera Network award.

Deadline for submission is 14th February 2013. For more information, please contact them at or

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