The Top 10 Weekends in Model UN for 2011-12

by KFC on September 19, 2011

The Model UN season is about to begin and we’re excited to bring back your favorite articles. Here’s what we have in store this week:

  • Monday: Top 10 Weekends in 2011-12
  • Tuesday: High School Preseason Rankings
  • Wednesday: College Preseason Rankings
  • Thursday: How to Teach Model UN (kickoff article for teachers series)
  • Saturday: Liveblogging at SOCOMUN. Our full tour schedule is here.

With that said, here are the Top 10 Weekends of the 2011-12 Model UN season and the conferences we plan to liveblog on those weekends in chronological order:

The Top 10 Weekends for Model UN in 2011-12 (full Calendar here):

1a. September 24. The high school season opener is a big one and we’ll be liveblogging at it. Santa Margarita Catholic High School will be hosting SOCOMUN, the largest one-day conference in the world with over 1,200 delegates. Model UN in India has also been in full swing and IndusMUN will take place this same weekend.

1b. October 6-9. Columbia kicks off the college season when it hosts CMUNNY (we’ll be there liveblogging). The Indonesia MUN college conference, or IMUN, will also be held during the same week.

2. November 10-13. This is traditionally the busiest weekend in the Fall and we have a very appetizing lineup of large conferences. The high school lineup includes McGill SSUNS, UCLA BruinMUN, Rutgers RUMUN, Brown BUSUN, UConn UCMUN, SUSMUN in Atlanta, and Iberian MUN in Portugal. Also, Duke’s DISCon conference will be taking place in the college circuit. Similar to last year, we’ll be triple liveblogging from SSUNS, BruinMUN, and UCMUN!!

3. November 15-19. International high school action heats up as THIMUN Singapore and THIMUN Qatar both take place during these dates. John F. Kennedy School will also be hosting Berlin MUN during these dates. We hope to be blogging from THIMUN Singapore.

4. November 17-20. This is another busy weekend highlighted by rivals William & Mary hosting WMHSMUN and Virginia hosting VAMUN on the same weekend. Other high school conferences include Tustin THSMUN, Arkansas AMUN, UNA Rochester MUN, and Leiden MUN. The North American college circuit will also be served in every region with Northwest MUN, Cornell CIAC, Southern Regional SRMUN, and American MUN in Chicago.

5. December 1-4. U. Penn’s UPMUNC is considered the Fall championship for many college students and it should have a major impact on our college rankings. There’s also a big set of regional high school conferences this weekend: Princeton PMUNC, Regional High School RHSMUN, Paris MUN, Colorado Springs MUN, CASC Summits in Michigan, and the YMCA Louisiana MUN. MUNSA in San Antonio and GLIMUN in Michigan take place earlier this week. We’ll be liveblogging from UPMUNC and RHSMUN.

6. January 22-29. This is the power-packed weekend with THIMUN Hague, Harvard HMUN, and U. Penn ILMUNC┬átaking place on the high school circuit and with McGill McMUN taking place on the college circuit. We’ll try to catch all the intense competition live from THIMUN, HMUN, and ILMUNC. Other high school conferences include Earlham College ECMUN, Santa Teresa SCVMUN, and St. George’s School VMUN.

7. February 16-29. Harvard HNMUN, the largest single college conference in the world, and Georgetown NAIMUN, the largest high school conference in the Western hemisphere, highlight this competitive weekend. Duke DUMUNC and the Midwest MMUN take place on that same weekend for the high school and college circuits, respectively.

8. March 7-11. Several large, competitive conferences take place this weekend including the National High School NHSMUN, Berkeley BMUN, and Beijing BEIMUN.

9. March 15-18. Harvard gets the spotlight again. This time, they’ll be hosting Harvard WorldMUN for the global college circuit and will also be hosting HMUN China in Beijing during the same weekend. The Mid-American MAMUN is also this weekend.

10. April 1-7. NMUN, the largest combined college conference in the world, is the culmination of the Model UN season for many college students who attend conferences the organization-hosted circuit.

Can’t wait to get started? Check out our Model UN Workshops for students and teachers below!

  • Tim Doner

    Dalton will win all of these conferences, just as we usually do.

    • Pete

      Okay Tim, that’s cool.

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