The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) Liveblog: The Best Lobbyists in the World

by KFC on January 25, 2012

Delegates made new friends during lobbying session

THIMUN conferences start out with an informal session called lobbying. Lobbying is time for delegates to collaborate on ideas, start drafting and merging resolutions, garner support for their resolution, and decide who the main submitter will be after the resolution has been approved. It’s a complex process that involves promotion of one’s ideas, collaboration with delegates from around the world, and negotiation within your caucus group and with others — and delegates at THIMUN are some of the best lobbyists in the world.

Everyone got involved during lobbying session. We have photos of delegates, chairs, admin staff, merchandise sales, and even directors! Check out our photoblog below and also make sure to check out coverage of the conference at MUNITY! For those who want to learn more about the concept of lobbying, we did a feature that explained what lobbying is when we liveblogged at THIMUN Singapore.

Human Rights Council

The Human Rights Council will actually be split up into two sub-commissions so that delegates can address more issues. During lobbying sessions, delegates focused on a variety of topics including the right to access clean water, rights of children living and working in the streets, human rights in Cote d’Ivoire, human rights in the occupied Golan Heights, measures to protect the rights of peoples affected by rising sea levels, and protecting the rights of unaccompanied migrant children.

Human Rights Council chairs are excited for THIMUN: Christopher Frattina della Frattina (Khartoum International School), Sana Kothari (Antwerp International School), Hye Yeon Lee (American International School of Jeddah), and Marc Bertrandias (Lycée Français Vincent v. Gogh)

A delegate tries to convince her caucus bloc members on which solutions to include in their draft resolution during lobbying session in the Human Rights Council

Palestine lobbys the room to support her draft resolution in the Human Rights Council

Delegates write their draft resolution together in the Human Rights Council

General Assembly 2nd Committee: Economic and Financial

ECOFIN focused on several salient topics to the current economic issues of the world including a new international economic order in the post-financial crisis world, financing an international strategy to cope with natural and man-made disasters, sustainable development of the Caribbean Sea, and preventing and combating corrupt practices and transfer of illicit assets.

ECOFIN chairs smile for the camera: Alejandro Eguren (International School of Panama), Victor Dewulf (International School of The Hague), and Maria Rodriguez Schaap (Gymnasium Haganum)

Delegates work collaboratively in a circle to write their draft resolutions during lobbying session in GA2 ECOFIN

Delegates pass around a laptop with their draft resolution during lobbying session in GA2 ECOFIN

Delegates debate the merits of a proposed solution during lobbying session in GA2 ECOFIN

Delegates are having serious discussions with their caucus bloc members during lobbying session in GA2 ECOFIN

A delegate defends her ideas during lobbying session in GA2 ECOFIN

General Assembly Fifth Committee: Administration and Budgetary

GA5 has an Africa-centric focus on its topics and will discuss the financing of United Nations Missions to Sudan, the Central African Republic & Chad, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In addition, they will also discuss cooperation between the United Nations and North African countries.

GA5 Chairs Adam Umemoto (Mont'Kiara International School), Laura Peräkylä (Kulosaari Upper Secondary School), and Rebecca Katzy (Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest) are enjoying their time at THIMUN

Delegates in GA5 hang out with their new friends from around the world during lunch

General Assembly First Committee: Disarmament 

The GA1 Disarmament committee will focus on the The Hague Code of Conduct Against Ballistic-Missile Proliferation, the consolidation of the regime established by the Treaty of Tlatelolco, strengthening security and cooperation in the Mediterranean region, and the role of science and technology in the context of international security and disarmament.

GA1 Disarmament chairs help a delegate look over his draft resolution during lobbying session. Draft resolutions get sent to an approval panel once they are ready to be edited.

General Assembly Sixth Committee: Legal

The Legal committee will be discussing the sustainable development in Africa, the law of trans-boundary aquifers, the responsibility of States for internationally wrongful acts, and a permanent memorial to and remembrance of victims of slavery.

Best Delegate's Ryan Villanueva poses with the most stylish delegate he saw at THIMUN. This delegate is from the Frankfurt International School.

Delegates hash out specifics in their draft resolutions during lobbying session in GA6 Legal

Delegates are having fun during lobbying session in GA6 Legal

Special Conference on Seas and Oceans

The Special Conference on Seas and Oceans focuses on this year’s theme at THIMUN. The conference is divided into two sub-commissions. One will focus on the fair and equal access of natural resources of the oceans, combating the growth of ghost fishing fleets, sustainable fishing methods, and the role of the UN in protecting areas of outstanding natural beauty. The other sub-commission will address reduction of the environmental impact of deep sea extraction of minerals, improving natural disaster preparedness, giving access to sea to landlocked countries, and the redefinition of international waters.

The chairs of the Special Conference of the Seas and Oceans are busy reviewing all the draft resolutions. Looks like there are a ton of great ideas to address the issues specific to this year's conference theme!

This caucus group is all smiles since their draft resolution has been submitted already. Now they are helping out the primary sponsor, El Salvador (Shanghai American School - Puxi), write her first speech (she's the delegate with the white laptop).

Delegates take a quick break to pose for the camera during lobbying session in the Special Conference on Seas and Oceans.

Delegates in Action

The chairs of Disarmament give feedback to delegates as they submit their draft resolutions during lobbying session

Looks like this caucus group is all set for their draft resolution!

Delegates catch up over lunch at the World Forum Convention Centre

Delegates finalize their key ideas during lobbying session

Delegates sit in a circle to exchange ideas during lobbying session

Delegates also work on draft resolutions together while sitting on the steps of the World Forum Convention Centre

MUN Directors

THIMUN gives a chance for MUN directors (teachers) to network with other directors around the world.

Two MUN directors from different schools in Germany have a discussion. We spoke with them about their experiences teaching in schools that cater to American military base personnel in Germany.

Advisors work very hard too during lobbying sessions. Here are the advisors for Kent Denver School in the United States and the Shanghai American School - Puxi in China. It's the former school's first time at THIMUN while the latter school has been very involved and has chairs at both THIMUN and THIMUN Singapore.

Admin Staff and Sales

The Admin Staff works hard to ensure that all logistics are taken care of for over 3,000 people at the World Forum Convention Centre

The hard-working admin staffers take a quick break on the steps of the World Forum Convention Centre

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Whew what a hard day of work! Now onto Opening Ceremonies!

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    The picture with a caption of “the chairs of ??” is from disarmamant

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  • Alexi Bennink

    The picture with a caption of “the chairs of ??” is from disarmamant

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