THIMUN Singapore 2014

by peaksenchua on February 3, 2015

This post was provided by the Editor-in-Chief of MUNITY East, THIMUN Singapore’s conference newspaper, Nicholas Wong

THIMUN Singapore 2014

“May the house please come to order.” With those words said by Peak Sen Chua, the President of the General Assembly all participants knew that the 10th Anniversary Session of THIMUN Singapore had begun.

Though the conference has since c7588_498333250308991_619527696326813748_nome and gone, its memories will be forever cherished. Over the past ten years, THIMUN Singapore has grown into one of the largest Model UN conferences in South East Asia with more than 1200 participants this year.

The theme set this year was “Asia, transformations and the challenges ahead.” Various members of the THIMUN foundation, including Ms. Irene Crepin said that Asia, with a population of 4.3 billion, land covering 20% of the Earth’s land area, and 49 independent economies is by far the most consequential continent on earth.

DSC03643The conference went by with active participation and passion. Delegates could be seen enthusiastically giving opening speeches, actively lobbying, merging resolutions and vigorously debating. With ten committees filled with diversely different issues, participants could all agree that the issues set were vastly challenging; some topics included “International Year of Light and light based technologies, 2015,” “Territorial integrity of the former Soviet Republics,” and “Strengthening the legal clout of the United Nations.”

The Secretariat had spent the day maintaining order running from one committee to another. Rarely were the four members Secretary-General Stephanie Tang, Deputy Secretary-Generals Sung Jang and Jeffrey Chang and President of the General Assembly Peak Sen Chua spotted all together in the student officer room due to the fact that the respective DSGs were in charge of their committees while the PGA was in charge of day to day events such as the opening speeches and the plenary session, which took place on the last day.

The conference as a whole 9471_10203238033291318_955801139840413410_nwas a success because it  accomplished its vision – producing diplomatic delegates whom were able to “pose solutions to problems” as Ms. Fran Laughlin, Co-Chair of the THIMUN Foundations said during the opening ceremony.

As THIMUN Singapore X came to an end, everyone was reminded that Model UN is not a place for competition, but rather a place for cooperation. THIMUN Singapore marked the beginning of an eye-opening experience for newer delegates and a continuation of an ever so productive journey for returning delegates.


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