10 Things Delegates Do After a Model UN Conference

by Natalia Daza on February 5, 2016

1.Keeping your placard and name tag on that one special place in your bedroom.

2.Posting pictures with your delegation in at least one social network. Tags including inside jokes are expected.


3.Keep sending messages through your delegation’s chat although it has been one week after the conference.

4. Find yourself continuously stalking the conference Facebook page just to make sure if they have posted any picture of you.

5. Trying not to freak out about the amount of work you have left thanks to the time you spent in the conference.

6.Bringing back to reality your inner fashionista. Dressing up like a normal human being is not as cool as wearing your Western Business Attire.

7. Trying to stop your non-MUN friends from murdering you because they are tired of listening to your MUN gossip. (You constantly talk about Model UN, but this part of the year is the worst for them)

8. Join all your efforts to avoid yourself from answering “the nation of _____ believes that” instead of “I believe that” when called in class.

9. Wondering why two weeks after the conference you keep finding crisis notes. They literally appear out of nowhere.


10. Surviving Post-MUN depression IS a real thing.

Brb. *Crying while looking at my placard*

  • Beatrix Livesey- Stephens

    At the conference I go to the placards and name tags are laminated so I can’t take them home :'( :'( :'( it’s so sad.

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