Those Times When You Almost Quit MUN This Year

by Kristen Corlay on August 23, 2017

If you’ve been doing Model UN for a while you’ve probably considered throwing in the towel at least once (or twice). Whether we like to admit it or not, MUN can get very, very stressful at times. Topics of time management, work ethic and stress-relief are no strangers to the thousands of students who engage in this activity. During the past year I definitely encountered situations in which I thought: “That’s it. I’m done.” (Although it might’ve been the caffeine talking…) Yet, no matter how insanely frustrating the situation got, I still stayed in the game. (Since you’re reading this, you probably did, too). So how about we take a look back at those aggravating MUN moments that made us question our own sanity and involvement in this crazy thing? (Because let’s face it: we’re teenagers crammed in a room dressed in western business attire who refer to themselves in third person.)

  1. When you had to write a position paper while drowning in homework, exams, and projects
  2. When you debated whether or not to show up to committee after only getting three hours of sleep…

  3. When you realized your resolution wasn’t going to pass by one vote…again…

  4. When you had to improvise a new speech because the previous speaker literally said every point you were about make

  5. When your committee blindly followed the delegate whose plan made absolutely no sense

  6. When the crisis director informed your committee that the last directive only made the crisis 10 times worse…and you only had 10 minutes to fix it…

  7. When you struggled to stay awake during a midnight crisis

  8. When you questioned why you voluntarily put yourself in those situations…


However, the knowledge we acquired, the friends we made, and the memories we shared *definitely* outweighed those frustrating moments. After all, why else would we still do (and love) MUN?

With the MUN year coming up, it is important to remember those struggles that made you stronger delegates. All the messy speeches, all the long nights, all the times you failed; these moments are what makes MUN worth it. Not only is it something you can bond with your fellow delegates over, but the trouble that we encounter is what really makes MUN fun.

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