Tips for General Assemblies

by Nikita on February 13, 2013

General Assemblies can be large and intimidating in size, ranging anywhere from 150 to 300+ delegates all fighting for a chance to voice their ideas throughout the session. These large and extensive committees, however, can be engaging and rewarding if the correct strategies are applied. The difference between a good delegate and the Best Delegate is the approach to applying research, creative ideas, and other useful content in committee. Every delegate has their own style, but here are some tips for General Assemblies to help you improve your approach and enhance your performance at conferences.

  1. Plan out your speeches. Before delivering an elaborate speech, plan out the content of your speeches. Not only do chairs appreciate research, debate and creative solution content, but the committee will also become more engaged in your speech.
  2. Be vocal. Speak loudly and clearly, in order to get your ideas across to the committee. The audience most likely finds speeches to be tedious halfway through the conference, and by voicing a valid point with strong delivery will captivate the attention of the committee.
  3. Charisma and confidence are key. Charisma draws all kinds of delegates to a leader in committee, and confidence works in favor of maintaining a productive bloc and leading it to accomplish the committee’s goals.  This is achieved by sharing and refining your own personal ideas with the opinions of others during collaboration, whether it be through notes, interaction before/after committee, or during unmoderated caucuses.
  4. Distinguish yourself. Use an idea or style to distinguish yourself from the others in committee, whether it be a creative solution idea, analogies, or a specific way of speaking that will attract the audience. In a committee with a large number of delegates, separating yourself from the others in a positive way can enhance your success.
  5. Diplomacy is key. No one likes an aggressive, oppressive know-it-all in committee, so why not transform that figure into a welcoming, knowledgeable leader that can guide the bloc in the right direction, while still allowing for equal representation and debate amongst every delegate?

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