Top 10 Weekends of the 2010-11 MUN Conference Season

by KFC on September 20, 2010

Get ready for another exciting season of Model United Nations conferences! Best Delegate breaks down the top 10 most important weekends of the conference season in the United States for the high school and college MUN circuits.

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We also created Google Maps of the conferences based on this information — Check it out here. If we left out your conference, feel free to submit your information with this form and we will include it.

The list below is chronological and based on published conference dates as of September 1, 2010.

Here we go!

1a (High School). September 25: Santa Margarita Catholic High School’s SOCOMUN and University of Colorado’s Boulder High MUN kick off the high school Model UN season.

1b (College). September 30-October 3: The college Model UN season starts a week later with Boston University’s BarMUN.

2. October 15-17: The MUN season heats up with three conferences in the high school circuit – Washington University’s WUMUNS, Central Florida’s KnightMUN, and Edison High School’s EHSMUN – and in the college circuit with Yale’s SCSY.

3. October 28-31: Washington DC becomes the center of the college MUN universe with Georgetown’s NCSC conference and the NMUN DC Conference both taking place on Halloween weekend.

4. November 12-14: Model UN participants will be out in full force for the most active weekend of the entire season. Eight major high school and secondary school conferences will be in the lineup – Brown’s BUSUN, UCLA’s BruinMUN, Stanford’s SMUNC, McGill’s SSUNS, William & Mary’s WMHSMUN, Rutgers’ RUMUN, Penn State’s PHUNC, and the SUSMUN conference – plus U. Penn will be hosting UPMUNC in the college circuit.

5. January 27-30: This is one of the most highly anticipated, power-packed weekends in the season with Harvard’s HMUN and U. Penn’s ILMUNC taking place in the high school circuit and McGill’s McMUN being held in the college circuit.

6. February 3-6: The most popular weekend in the spring semester features six conferences spread across the country in the high school circuit: U. Chicago’s MUNUC, UNA-USA’s Global Classrooms: New York City, American’s AUMUNC, MIT’s MITMUNC, the Houston Area MUN conference, and Florida’s GatorMUN.

7. February 17-20: President’s Day weekend is another huge time slot in the season with Georgetown’s NAIMUN and Duke’s DUMUNC taking place in the high school circuit and with college students from around the world competing at Harvard’s HNMUN, considered by some as the national championship of the college circuit.

8. March 9-12: Top high school students will be at the United Nations participating at NHSMUN, which is widely regarded as the national championship of the high school circuit. Cornell’s CMUNC and Florida Gulf Coast’s SWFL MUN will be held this weekend as well.

9. April 17-23: Thousands of college students will be attending one of the two NMUN conferences held at the United Nations. This set of conferences is considered by others to be the national championship of the college circuit. However, college students who prefer crisis committees will spend their weekend at U. Chicago’s ChoMUN.

BKM and KFC at the UN GA

10. May 12-14: Global Classrooms: International (GCIMUN), formerly known as UNA-USA MUN, takes place at the United Nations and serves as the culmination of the worldwide Global Classrooms program. The Best Delegate team members are all alumni staffers of this conference. We plan to drop by to see if Ban Ki-Moon makes his fourth consecutive appearance here.

Which conferences are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

  • Matt

    Wow, what an awesome compilation — Glad to see someone aggregating this data. [ RIP, UNA MUN calendar]

    Always had love for SCSY and McMUN. Can’t wait to see what they turn out this year.

    I think CMUNNY is the week between BarMUN and SCSY this year.

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  • Ross

    The Google Maps service is a great idea! While I can’t speak on behalf of these secretariats, you should probably look into adding DISC (Duke), VICS (UVA), PICSIM (Princeton), NYUMUNC, and CMUNNY (Columbia) to your list of collegiate conferences.

  • amierah :)

    Skip Thanksgiving! Go to NMUN: Prague!

  • Amy J.

    A few more to add:
    FHSMUN ( in March for high school and SRMUN ( in November for college.

  • KFC

    @Matt – Thanks! I’d love to continue improving on the Conferences Map. I’ll add CMMUNY once they update their website with the confirmed dates.

    @Ross – Thanks for making me aware of DISC and NYUMUNC. VICS and PICSIM were included in the Conferences Map but not highlighted in the article since they didn’t fall on a date with many other conferences.

    @Amy – I have those in the Conferences Map but I’m still working on adding more conferences in the Southeast, especially now that I’m based in Atlanta!

  • ALan Armstrong

    You might want to add the Tustin HS MUN Conference held on Nov. 20-21, 2010. This is one of the largest MUN conferences on the West Coast and very well run. Also the West Coast Invitational MUN (WCIMUN) 31st Session will be held on April 9-10, 2011. This is one of the longest running MUN conferences on the West Coast.

  • Karen


    CMUNNY will be happening shortly, from October 7th-10th. Could you please add it to the list?

    Karen Woodin-Rodriguez

  • Sarah

    Hi Karen and Alan,

    Thanks for the info on your conferences! Please go ahead and add your conferences here


  • Rory

    Also, during the final weekend in February is Penn State’s collegiate conference PUNC.

    • Rory

      Oh! And The Cornell International Affairs Conference (CIAC) will be held March 31st-April 3 2011.

      • KFC

        @Rory – thanks for letting me know about CIAC. That’s exciting that Cornell will be hosting their first collegiate conference. I remember they came to UCLA’s first collegiate conference, so it’s great to see them growing to that level now too.

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  • Margaret


    Could you also add the FCMUN (Five College Model UN) conference to your calendar?
    It is April 1-3 of 2011!

    Thanks so much!

  • Lisabeth

    I really like this website. It was fun interacting with this website and talking to people about it. I love how the delegates were blogged about and the special events that took place this past weekend at RUMUN. But you forgot PhilMUN and WAMUNC on your Model UN list.

  • KFC

    Margaret and Lisabeth — we’ll add those into the map. This article was posted at the beginning of the year when information for some of the spring conferences was not available yet. Thanks for letting us know about those conferences!

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  • R. Timberlake

    Looking for serious MUN conferences. Chairs must be topic and policy knowledgeable, well trained / experienced. No fantasy crisis, history, cabinet committees. Conference size to travel to 400 delegates on up. Awards not needed just a quality experience that emphasizes hands on learning through correct United Nations simulation.

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  • James

    From my experience, HMUN is more often considered the “national championship” rather than NHSMUN (which due to it’s lack of individual awards and thus decreased competitiveness, is often viewed as an easy conference).

  • James

    From my experience, HMUN is more often considered the “national championship” rather than NHSMUN (which due to it’s lack of individual awards and thus decreased competitiveness, is often viewed as an easy conference).

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