Top 5 Tips for Using Gallup WorldView at Harvard’s WorldMUN

by Ryan on March 15, 2011

This year’s WorldMUN features a research tool called Gallup WorldView, which gives delegates access to Gallup’s extensive global polling data on “questions of vital importance to the world today, on topics such as economic conditions, government and business, healthcare and well-being, infrastructure and education.”

Gallup WorldView is becoming available at various universities and MUN conferences. Gallup kindly provided today’s guest post on how to use this research tool.

1. Search for keywords that you are interested in to find pertinent questions for your topic.

How to: In the Select Data Criteria pane, click the Search tab next to the Categories tab.

2. Find out what residents in your country and in its ally countries think.

How to: In the middle pane, at the top, select your country from the Location drop-down list to view demographic and ranking data for any question. By selecting Demographics, you can view data for your question related to age and gender in your country. If you select Rank, you can find out where your country stands in comparison to other countries or areas or the world. To switch views of your data, click the Data Grid and Chart buttons.

Useful questions: The Standard of Living question asks “Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with your standard of living, all the things you can buy and do?” Questions such as Current Housing, Knowledge of Climate Change, Health Problems, and more will give you a sense of what the people in your country experience day to day.

3. Discover how residents in your country view their country’s and other countries’ leadership.

How to: Check out the Government and Politics, Law and Order, and Citizen Engagement subfolders in the World Poll folder located on the Categories tab.

Useful questions:

Honesty of Elections

Confidence in National Government

Corruption Within Businesses

Approval of Country’s Leadership

Recommend City

City Economy

4. Search for articles and videos on WorldView to better explore a specific topic of interest.

How to: For videos, click the Thermal Map drop-down field in the main viewing area and select Video. Click Video Search at the bottom of the list of current videos. Type a word(s) you are searching for in the Search field, and then click Search or press the ENTER key. For articles, click the Thermal Map drop-down field in the main viewing area and select Articles. Type a word(s) you are searching for in the Search field at the top of the page, and then click Go or press the ENTER key.

Relevant example: Egyptians’, Tunisians’ Wellbeing Plummets Despite GDP Gains

5. Do your research using the WorldView before the conference starts. This will allow you to integrate powerful data and visual aids into your argument and presentation.

Using the Gallup WorldView, you can discover non-biased reporting on world residents’ opinions living in more than 150 countries from 2005 to the present. Discover information on countries where data are more difficult to obtain such as Togo, Kazakhstan, Uruguay, Albania, Cuba, and many more. Integrate your findings into your opening statement or back up your arguments with reliable data from your country.

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