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by ginnytan on February 14, 2014

Model UN is an extracurricular activity that has not only given us the tools to be the leaders of tomorrow, but also provided us the chance to meet people who we would have never had the chance to meet otherwise. Model UN conferences bring together students from different schools and cultures around the world. Through this process, connections are made and relationships are formed. This year, Best Delegate has decided to honor those connections on Valentine’s Day by sharing your experiences. Thank you to all the readers who submitted your stories, and enjoy!



Kimberly and Jordan

Jordan Sazant and Kim Kidani (McGill University)

            When…Where…?  Staff activity at SSUNS
First Impressions:  
Jordan: ” I didn’t even remember we met…” Kim:  “He was kind of a jerk, but a really entertaining jerk…”         
Delegation Trip to SCSY XXVI
Most Memorable Model UN Experience:
Jordan: “We didn’t get to see each other as much as either of us would have liked…but just knowing that she was always by my side was an immense help.” Kim: “My favorite moment of this past McMUN was after seeing him running from committee to committee checking in on people and being the best crisis dep ever, seeing him on stage during the closing ceremony and hugging him afterwards…”
          Why do you value your relationship/friendship?  
Jordan: ” camaraderie”  Kim: “50% because he buys me brunch, 50% things with him are astonishingly easy…”
            Each other in one word:
Jordan: Adorable   Kim: Neal Caffrey

 Loreena and Sam

Sam Gregory and Loreena Percy (McGill University)

            When…Where…?Summer of 2013, we were both on McMUN’s Secretariat
           First Impressions
Sam: “I remember her walking into our first meeting, hair tied up, on the phone, and obviously a bit stressed out and anxious for the first meeting. I thought it was really cute.” Loreena: ” Oh , it’s that guy that ran for student government in a British accent.”
We hung out and we got to know each other.
Most Memorable Model UN Experience
Sam: “Watching Loreena give the McMUN opening ceremonies keynote speech for the Canadian Ambassador to the UN. Loreena: ” The entire McMUN weekend…”
            Why do you value your relationship/friendship?
Sam: “She balances me out and keeps me sane when I’m stressed.” Loreena: “We bring out the best in each other and he makes me a better person.”
            Each other in one word:
Sam: Amazing   Loreena: Amazing

Jack and Caroline

Jack Hackett and Caroline Johnston (University of Florida)

   When…Where…?  South Regional Model United Nations
            First Impressions : Instant Connection
            How?  We started talking because the previous year I had directed the European Union at GatorMUN, and that year she had been assigned director of the EU. 
Most Memorable Model UN Conference Experience:  The first time we returned to a conference together
            Why do you value your relationship/friendship?  We’ve become each other’s best friend and confidant, exactly the kind of thing anyone could dream about getting.


Lindsey Narkchareon and Jason Ford (Santa Margarita Catholic High School)

            When…Where…?  Starbucks
            First Impressions : Lindsey: “I didn’t know much about him except that he was really good at MUN. He seemed like a normal guy…”
            How? “He asked me to homecoming by coming into my MUN class and writing “Lindsey Homecoming?”. On the board and came in with flowers.
Most Memorable Model UN Experience: Going to London together
            Why do you value your relationship/friendship? ” I value or relationship because of the way we both see the world and see MUN as a steeping stone to learn about world affairs… while our relationship doesn’t only involve MUN it’s a fun experience we can participate in together and support each other to do our best.
            Each other in one word: Lindsey: Humble

John Barton

John Barton and Jennifer Malone (Moorestown Friends and Horace Mann)

            When…Where…?  ILMUMC XXX
            First Impressions: John: ” The moment I laid eyes on Jennifer’s long sandy blonde hair, I knew this was the woman for me…”
            How? Delegate Dance
Most Memorable Model UN Experience:When I won Jennifer’s heart”
            Why do you value your relationship/friendship? “Jennifer is an amazing woman and the reason I wake up in the morning…”

Isabella Giovannini and Nicholas Fine Barber (The Dalton School)
     When…Where…? Kindergarten
            First Impressions: Isabella: “I’d definitely always had a little bit of a crush on him. I’m a real sucker for a guy with a few gavels to his name.”
            How? ” When we were sophomores we doubled on SOCHUM at HMUN”
Most Memorable Model UN Experience: NAIMUN 2012 which coincided with Valentine’s Day
            Why do you value your relationship/friendship? ” I love how I can depend on him! I know that we’re always there for each other and always willing to give each other a hand.”
            Each other in one word:
Isabella: I would describe Nick as “hunky.”

kevin mcclintock

Kevin McClintock and Natalia Gonzalez (Colegio San Ignacio and Colegio Puertorriqueno de Ninas)

     When…Where…?  On April 7th, 2011
            First Impressions: Kevin:” She commented on how I should “Chill Out , it’s only a Model UN committee, stop looking so stressed out.”… I found that to be very confident and peculiar of her…”
            How?  “We became best of friends even though we had no group of friends in common. For about two years we stayed best friends, but we got to a point that we knew that something else was going on between us…”
Most Memorable Model UN Experience:  “Looking at each other during committee sessions, even when we were pitted against each other, and just smile and laugh…”
            Why do you value your relationship/friendship?  “I value our relationship because of how long it took us to get to where we are and because of all the things that have happened for us to be where we are…”
            Each other in one word:  Kevin: “She is confident.”

check email

Metin Toksoz-Exley and Sarah Mnushkin (American University and University of Illinois: Urbana-Champaign)

     When…Where…? Bonded over lattes during the Brown Model University Model UN Club conference
            First Impressions : Metin: “I thought that Sarah was a cultured and hysterical girl who had a similar outlook as me.”
            How?  We just keep running into each other…
Most Memorable Model UN Experience: “We ditched our MUN group and just walked around talking before meeting up again and going to the delegate dance.”
            Why do you value your relationship/friendship? “Our friendship is mutually supportive, we have similar values, morals, tastes, interests, and dreams. We can make each other laugh like no one else can, and we have shared so much…”
            Each other in one word: 
Sarah: Trendy    Metin: Trendy

Morgan Rose and Owen McCafferty (Loudoun Valley High School and Freedom High School)

     When…Where…? Local Dominion High School Conference on November 16th
            First Impressions: Morgan: “I thought he was very knowledgeable about the topics and intelligent in general. He also had a really cute smile.” Owen: “You were a smart girl who knew what she was doing.”
            How?  We exchanged numbers and began talking on a regular basis… Owen then followed to ask me out on a date.
Most Memorable Model UN Experience: Dominion High School Conference, where we first met
            Why do you value your relationship/friendship? “He says that he values that he can have an an intelligent conversation with me, but also values the level of trust and respect we have for one another. I personally feel that we both care a lot about the other…”
            Each other in one word: Owen: Perfect. Morgan: Extraordinary.


Megan Guyton and Fred Kolb (University of Florida)

     When…Where…? First MUN Meeting
            First Impressions: ” Honestly, he intimidated me at first. Fred’s about 6’2″ and I am 5’9″. Not to mention, he has a deep voice with a German accent…”
            How?  “We just started hanging out at Model UN meetings.”
Most Memorable Model UN Experience: McMUN. “We got to walk along the beautiful (but freezing) streets of Montreal…”
            Why do you value your relationship/friendship? “I value our relationship because we can be honest with each other. We’re always there for each other when we need a hug.”
            Each other in one word: “Fred is loving”

Isabella Trombetta and Matthew O’Neill (LUISS Guido Carli, Rome and Concordia University)

     When…Where…? March 16,2011 at WORLD MUN
            First Impressions: Isabella: “I was in a very sad mood that night at the opening ceremony, and Matt was the only person who was able to make me laugh. I was absolutely fascinated by him.” Matthew: “When I first met Isabella, I thought she was a cute, smart girl that needed some cheering up, so I did my best.”
            How?  Back home, a song on the radio made me think of that charming Canadian guy I met at the opening ceremony, so I messaged him on Facebook… we have been dating now for 11 months…”
Most Memorable Model UN Experience: WorldMUN 2013, Melbourne
            Why do you value your relationship/friendship? Matthew: “I value our relationship because Isabella is someone I can have an intellectual conversation with, then turn around and giggle like children about something we should take seriously.” Isabella: “I find our relationship special because despite the distance (Italy-Canada, 6887 km) we are closer in heart than many other couples that live together.
            Each other in one word: Isabella: “my-funny-charming-lovebird” Matthew: “The-best-girl-in-the-world-trust-me-I-checked”

Daisy and Marcus

Daisy Flores and Marcus Adolf (Convent of the Sacred Heart and Brooklyn Friends School)

     When…Where…? Horace Mann’s Model United Nations Conference, October 2013
            First Impressions : Marcus: “She was a really smart girl and of course that she was gorgeous….” Daisy: “I noticed he had a cute tie on so I thought he had a great sense of style. Then, he gave a powerful speech and seemed like he knew what he was actually talking about…”
            How? “He added me on Facebook right after our last committee session. We constantly talked thereafter…”
Most Memorable Model UN Experience: ” ILMUNC 2014. We were in the same committee and we spent our 1 month anniversary together…”
            Why do you value your relationship/friendship? ” We were able to see sides of each other we wouldn’t have normally seen outside of MUN…”
            Each other in one word: Marcus: Perfect. Daisy: Determined

Megan Wooods and J. Matthew Spillers (Santa Margarita Catholic High School)

     When…Where…? Freshman year in high school in the Model United Nations Program
            First Impressions: Megan: “Very shy and timid….” J. Matthew: ” Teacher’s pet…cute and sweet.”
            How? “We feel in love in our sophomore year on Model UN trip to London…After the trip ended, I asked him to a Winter Formal…”
Most Memorable Model UN Experience: Model UN experience in our London Trip and also the trip to Ireland
           Why do you value your relationship/friendship? ” We are best friends and we only see the best in each other. He is there whenever I need him, and I, him…We are very luck to have found each other at such a young age….”
            Each other in one word: Megan: Loving. J. Matthew: Loyal

gabrielle and damien

Gabrielle Orliange and Damien (Universite Catholique de Louvain)

     When…Where…? Interview for our Model UN team
            First Impressions: Gabrielle: ” Oh well, a 22 year old student that I won’t have much to say because our age difference is too big and we don’t share the same kind of life. (Only God knows how wrong I was…)”
            How?  “One city, one committee, it was done. Belgrade. You built my couple…”
Most Memorable Model UN Experience: “Our trip back from York”
            Why do you value your relationship/friendship?'” We have traveled the world together. In one year, we have shared a lot if not everything… I know I will never be bored with Damien. I know that there will always be this one person to do crazy things with me….”
            Each other in one word: Gabrielle: Adventure


yena seodaniel

Daniel Konstantinovic and Yena Seo (New Canaan High School and Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology)

     When…Where…? WHMSMUN 2013
            First Impressions: Yena: ” I just saw him as a kid wearing a cool tie with animals on it and I felt like talking to him because he seemed to be more laid-back than the other power delegates.  Daniel :” Why does this…girl keep trying to talk to me?”
            How? “One day after committee she ran up to me on the way to lunch and I thought, “Ugh, this girl again.” We started talking about college and it turned out that we had applied to almost all the same schools, both wanted to be journalists, and pretty much identical interests…”
Most Memorable Model UN Experience: Closing ceremony at WMHSMUN, “I received best and returned to my seat to find my phone exploding with texts from Yena….”
            Why do you value your relationship/friendship?  Daniel: ” It’s a big relief to be able to talk to someone outside of my school and two who has a different perspective on things while still being so similar to me.” Yena:” It’s refreshing to be able to talk to someone who has the same kinds of values and interests, but isn’t associated with the kind of drama you would get if you were talking to someone at your school.”
           Each other in one word: Yena: Soulmates. Daniel: Soulmates


Prithvi Rakhyani and Gustavo Velarde (Florida State University)

When…Where…?  At school back in 2008
            First Impressions: Prithvi: “I hated him because he was very arrogant…and Gustavo hated me because I was awfully weird…”
            How? “We got closer as we had English class together, and we’d spend a lot of time in debate…”

Most Memorable Model UN Experience: “In every debate we win the best couple award. We’ve won every national and international debate together, may we be allies or not.”

            Why do you value your relationship/friendship?  “He’s my best friend. There’s not much of a reasoning I can give for that.”
            Each other in one word: Prithvi: Savant. Gustavo: Weird


Eva Lin and Ginny Tan ( National Tsinghua University and McGill University)

When…Where? First Grade?
First Impressions: Eva:” Oh, there’s this other Asian girl in that class…” Ginny: “Oh, there’s this other Asian girl in that class…”
How? “We got closer after Eva came back from Taiwan during freshman year and we joined Model UN together.
Most Memorable Model UN Experience: HACIA DEMOCRACY 2011
Why do you value your relationship / friendship? ” We bring the best out of each other.”
Each other in one word: Ginny:” Spontaneous” 

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