United Nations Day: Why MUNers Still Love the United Nations

by peaksenchua on October 24, 2014

On October 24, we celebrate the 69th year anniversary of the creation of the United Nations Charter – what we call United Nations (UN) Day. United Nations day is a celebration that is to be devoted to gaining support for the work of the United Nations through education on the aims and achievements of the United Nations.

This is a perfect occasion to remind us MUNers across the globe why we still love the United Nations.

MUN exists because the UN Does: The character-building, interactive, educational, and life-changing effects that Model United Nations has brought us only exists because individuals decided to emulate the United Nations for the masses.

It unifies MUNers:  Whether you agree with THIMUN, Harvard MUN, or some other form of MUN procedure and fiercely guard your opinions on one, we can find agreement that we do what we do because of our love of international cooperation, commitment to peace, respect for each other’s differences, sustainable and rural development, and education. As MUNers, we take time to look at our differences as part of the colorful, variegated world we live in.

We appreciate the United Nations: We look up to the United Nations as a not a tool, but a driver of change in all forms and this provides us inspiration to continue what we do. We look up to the United Nations and its accomplishment as a source of inspiration, hope, and ambition for this planet. For 69 years, the United Nations has been the advocate of the world’s peoples and MUNers alike are still in awe of such an idea.

But there is work to be done: “Resolves to stay actively seized in this matter.” This is one of the most common ending lines of MUN resolutions, and for a good reason. In whatever the United Nations does, there is always work to be done. The United Nations has its shortcomings and its failures. Many MUNers see this clearly, and always hope that within its organizational structure, the United Nations will continue to stay actively seized in issues that matter.

MUNers, please take this day to remember and appreciate the accomplishments of a diverse many under the banner of the United Nations. Happy United Nations Day, and keep your MUN passion alive!


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