University of California, Berkeley Model United Nations: UCBMUN 2013 Conference

by KFC on March 25, 2013

The University of California, Berkeley’s collegiate United Nations conference, otherwise known as UCBMUN, was held in San Francisco earlier this month under the jurisdiction of its Secretary General, Siddharth Dhurka.

Delegates gathered in San Francisco for UCBMUN

The conference featured a range of committees, from specialized bodies and general assemblies which included the League of Nations, where the delegates determined borders in the midst of a time period  important to a majority of the modern disputes within the Middle East, as well as the Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee, which engaged delegates in intense debate on the subjets of drones, drugs, and the pursuit of peace. A third committee of this category is the Group of 20, commonly known as the G-20, where delegates representing the top 20 world economies debated current global economic issues, such as renewable energy and narcotics trafficking.

Delegates Discussing During Unmoderated Caucus

Another type of committee held at UCBMUN was the crisis committee, where crises such as the 1918 Spanish Influenza and  Japanese Unification: The Warring States, which engaged delegates in fast-paced crises with extreme situations and an element of surprise in each session.

This year, UCBMUN hosted over twenty delegations from schools such as the University of Chicago, Georgetown, Harvard, University of California Los Angeles, and Stanford, among others.The conference held a total of fifteen committees – five orthodox resolution-based Specialized Bodies, five individual Crisis committees, and five committees in 2 Joint-Crises (one 2-way and one 3-way JCC). UCBMUN’s incredibly high staff-delegate ratio makes for their crises to be well-planned, involved, and complete. At the same time, the Chairs promote more rigorous, fact-based debate and reward those who perform best while sticking to their country and or character’s policy.

Joint Crisis Committees were also featured at UCBMUN, including the Second Boer War, where delegates engaged in this joint-crisis committee debated with the responsibility of of their actions in the delicate balance of colonial rule.

Delegates at UCBMUN 2013

This year’s, Deputy Secretary-General, Adam Bradford Spaulding, states, “We hosted two joint crisis committees; a three-way joint crisis between China, India, and Pakistan and a two-way joint crisis reenacting the Boer War. We hosted two nights of programing with including a Trivia Night, Pub Crawl, and of course the Delegate Soiree”.

The outcome for awards is listed below:

Best Large Delegation:

University of Chicago

Best Small Delegation:

Georgetown University

Best California Delegation

(The Golden Bear Award): Claremont McKenna College

Outstanding Large Delegation:

Harvard University

Outstanding Small Delegation:

Tulane University


In Committee at UCBMUN 2013


The Talented Staff of UCBMUN


Chairing UCBMUN’s 2013 Conference

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