University of California, Irvine Model United Nations (UCIMUN) Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

by KFC on May 30, 2012

Delegates in action at UCIMUN

The University of California, Irvine Model United Nations conference (UCIMUN) celebrated its 20th anniversary last weekend. 800 delegates from 21 California and Nevada high schools were in attendance including four new programs that were established with the help of UCIMUN’s outreach program. It was my first time back at a Southern California conference since beginning the year at Santa Margarita’s SOCOMUN, and it was nice for me to end the season catching up with many familiar faculty advisors. The conference also tried to play toward teamwork and diplomacy, most notably not giving points for presenting a resolution so that the sponsors don’t have to fight over the few spots.

Best of all, it was personally rewarding for me to end the season on a high note when I was spontaneously invited to a surprise birthday party for the St. Francis High School advisors’ first-year old baby — it reminded me that Model UN is about so much more than the awards but rather the family of friends that delegates develop along the journey.

Like usual, we have a photoblog of delegates that were particularly active in committee:

Cameroon writes down ideas during unmoderated caucus in the African Union

Sudan gets involved during unmoderated caucus in the African Union

Delegates debate an idea in the African Union

D.R. Congo explains his solutions in the African Union

Algeria, Djibouti, and Sudan present their draft resolution in the African Union

The advisor of Estancia High School poses with two of her students. Estancia was one of four schools that went through UCIMUN's Outreach Training program.

Bolivia speaks during unmoderated caucus in the UNODC

Cameroon gets the rest of the caucus group to listen to his ideas in the UNODC

Japan frames the discussion in the East Asia Summit

Delegates consider their course of action in the East Asia Summit

The Philippines explains a new idea to the East Asia Summit

The Philippines (co-delegate) works the other side of the room

A delegate in WHO seems to agree with the ideas that he's hearing

Delegates are busying caucusing in WHO

Bulgaria makes a speech in the World Health Organization

Delegates participate in unmoderated caucus in WHO

Delegates write the draft resolutions outside committee

DPRK brings in a vuvuzela to explain the impacts of soccer on peace in Cote d'Ivoire

Delegates in 3rd SCH get some feedback from their chair

France is adamant about his ideas in 3rd SCH

Delegates in the 3rd SCH committee discussed human trafficking in the Middle East and education in sub-Saharan Africa

Kuwait leads a big caucus group in 3rd SCH

Delegates present their draft resolution to the committee. I noticed that the resolution had marked up which countries contributed to the primary clauses.

France makes a speech in ECOSOC

The dais of the ICC. The chair, Sheila Vilanilam (right), recognized me as the guy in the "Stuff Model UN Delegates Say" video. She had also staffed CIMUN in Chicago and knew the co-star of that video, Aileen Tie. Small world!

France makes a speech in the Security Council

UCIMUN adapted Model UN rules to the ICC, so the justices were able to caucus with each other about the situation in Syria.

Delegates caucusing in the ICC

The St. Francis High School delegation has the self-proclaimed title of Best Dressed delegation

The St. Francis team is like a family and its delegates and parents threw a surprise party for their advisors' one-year old baby.

Delegation Awards:

Best Large: Edison High School
Best Small: Capistrano Valley High School
Best Club: University High School

Congratulations to all the delegates and staff on a successful conference!

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