Updated 2013 Tour Schedule: Winter/Spring Conferences and Summer Programs!

by KFC on January 8, 2013

Ryan and KFC from Best Delegate. Ignore the background.

Here is our updated liveblogging travel schedule for the rest of 2013! We’ll also be announcing all the information about the Best Delegate Summer Programs for high school and middle school students soon!


The winter is the peak of the Model UN season and we’ll be visiting most of the major conferences. Some of the conferences that we’ll be visiting will be celebrating notable anniversaries: 60th HMUN, 50th NAIMUN, 25th MUNUC, 15th WAMUNC, and 10th GatorMUN.

In terms of unique visits, KFC will be the keynote speaker at the 30th MVHS MUN in Southern California and at CHEASTMUN in New Jersey. Both co-founders will be at ILMUNC, the only visit to the college circuit will occur at HNMUN, and this will be our first time visiting Michigan and Texas as part of Best Delegate. Our Media Associates primarily do online coverage, but they will also liveblog a few conferences including ones in Canada, India, and Italy.

Finally, we’ll be publicizing some different events toward the spring including: middle school MUN, elementary school MUN, Model Congress, and Model Youth & Government.

Winter/Spring Conferences in Chronological Order (subject to change)

  • Model United Nations of San Antonio (MUNSA) – KFC
  • Model United Nations at the University of Michigan (MUNUM) – Ryan
  • Mission Viejo High School Model United Nations (MVHS MUN) – KFC
  • Ivy League Model United Nations Conference (ILMUNC) – Ryan and KFC
  • McGill Model United Nations Assembly (McMUN) – Sabrina and Loreena
  • Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN) – KFC
  • Florida GatorMUN – Ryan and Ashley
  • Model United Nations of the University of Chicago (MUNUC) – Ryan
  • North American Invitational Model United Nations (NAIMUN) – KFC and Mari
  • Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN) – Ryan
  • Boston Invitational Model United Nations (BosMUN) – KFC
  • National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN) – Ryan
  • Berkeley Model United Nations (BMUN) – KFC
  • Delhi University Model United Nations (DUMUN) Crisis Summit – Rajat
  • Washington Area Model United Nations Conference (WAMUNC) – Mari and Nikita
  • Montessori Model United Nations Grades 7-9 (MMUN) – Ryan
  • Global Classrooms International Middle School Conference (GCI MS) – Ryan
  • Rutgers Model Congress (RMC) – Ryan
  • Cherry Hill High School East Model United Nations (CHEASTMUN) – KFC
  • Montessori Model United Nations Grades 4-6 (MMUN) – KFC
  • California YMCA Youth & Government – Ryan
  • Milan Model United Nations (MILMUN) – Sabrina

Best Delegate Summer Programs

The Best Delegate Summer Programs are ideal for highly-talented students who want to learn from globally recognized Model UN experts, experience what it’s like to study at a top-tier university, and meet some of your best friends while doing something fun: Model UN! More details about all the high school and middle school Summer Programs will be available in about a week or two from now!

Check back soon for the launch announcement!

  • http://twitter.com/vicmun2013 VicMUN 2013

    Could you please add the Victorian Model United Nations (VicMUN) to this list? We’re on from the 20th February to the 22nd February 2013: http://vicmun.net Thanks 🙂

    • http://bestdelegate.com/ Ryan Villanueva

      This is the list of conferences we’re visiting…unless you want to fly us out to Melbourne?? =P

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