UPMUNC Awards: Georgetown, U.Chicago, Yale, and Florida International Win Delegation Awards

by KFC on December 6, 2011

After four days of intense debate and fun, the results for the University of Pennsylvania Model United Nations Conference (UPMUNC XLV) are in!

Georgetown won Best Large Delegation at UPMUNC XLV. (Photo credit: Emilie Ziegler)

Here are the highlights from Closing Ceremonies:


Georgetown won Best Large Delegation and the University of Chicago took home Outstanding Large Delegation. Yale captured the Best Small Delegation and Florida International won its first delegation award this year with an Outstanding Small Delegation.

The four delegation award winners were also the top four teams in terms of weighted number of awards won and total number of awards won. The gavel count was pretty close between these top four teams — Georgetown, U. Chicago, and Yale had three each and FIU had two — but it was the rest of the awards won by Georgetown’s large team that helped them distinguish themselves from all the other teams.

Harvard placed 5th in terms of weighted number of awards won. George Washington, West Point, and Boston University also performed well. Other schools with at least one award winner included: Colgate, Rutgers, Cornell, Tulane, American, Claremont McKenna, Michigan State, Stanford, and UC Berkeley.


Here are more photos from Closing Ceremonies:

The University of Chicago won Outstanding Large Delegation at UPMUNC XLV

Florida International celebrates with its Outstanding Small Delegation award

George Washington University's Colonial Cadets made a big splash by winning multiple awards this weekend

Proud winners: Georgetown head delegate Jag Singh and U.Chicago head delegates Rohan Sandhu and Mrinalini Ramesh congratulate each other's teams


Congratulations to Secretary-General Anant Shukla, Director-General Gandharv Bedi, and the entire UPMUNC XLV Secretariat for putting on a great conference! I heard great reviews from delegates and it seemed like everyone enjoyed both the substantive and social aspects of the conference.

In addition, special shout outs go to COO Arka Mallela, Phill Venice, and the following ASGs (the future Secretariat) for helping me out this weekend: Alex Rodrigues, Elaine Song, Sanlie Auyeung, and Tania Chairez.

Lastly, everyone who attended this conference is hardcore for doing so right before final exams. Congrats to all of you and good luck on finals! And for those who want to procrastinate on their studying, feel free to check out our liveblog of the conference as well as UPMUNC’s official blog of the conference!

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    The group love continues. I find it interesting how Chicago, Penn, and GW always seem to win each others conferences….That just must be a coincidence.

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