UPMUNC Liveblog: College Delegates Compete for the Fall Championship

by KFC on December 2, 2011

One of the first things I noticed walking into the University of Pennsylvania Model United Nations Conference (UPMUNC) is how big the conference is and a delegate next to me remarked “well that’s because it’s the fall championship!” Indeed it is with over 1,000 delegates from 70 universities around the world attending this conference in Philadelphia. Check out all the action in our UPMUNC liveblog below! Also, make sure to check out the UPMUNC XLV Official Blog.

Like usual, we try to take pictures of delegates who were leading the committee and other delegates in action. We have photos from Opening Ceremonies as well as photos from every committee (except for Ad Hoc which will have its own featured article):

Opening Ceremonies

Penn IAA President Zach Stone introduces the UPMUNC Secretariat

Secretary-General Anant Shukla speaks during Opening Ceremonies

Keynote speaker Geoffrey Pyatt spoke about his career working in the State Department focusing on South and Central Asia

Bard College at Simon's Rock is ready to represent Sweden

Mount Holyoke College is excited for UPMUNC

Besides keynote speaker Geoffrey Pyatt, UPMUNC also hosted several other accomplished guest speakers over the weekend. Most notable was Jeffrey Sachs, the Director of The Earth Institute — anyone who has studied international relations or political science has likely read his work in their textbooks.

Jeffrey Sachs speaks to a packed room of eager students over teleconference

Now onto the committees:

Disarmament and International Security (DISEC)

Awesomeness in DISEC

India (NYU), China (U.Chicago), and Liberia (American) work on a resolution together in DISEC

Iraq (Florida State) and Pakistan (Mt. Holyoke) collaborate on a draft resolution in DISEC

Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian (SOCHUM)

China (U.Chicago) commands the entire caucus bloc's attention in SOCHUM

Viet Nam (Duke) lobbys for supporters for his draft resolution

France (West Point) and the United States (Georgetown) work on a resolution together in SOCHUM

Dominica (Florida State) tries to convince Costa Rica (Queen's University) to sign onto his draft resolution

Delegates exchange ideas during unmoderated caucus in SOCHUM

Delegates work hard on their draft resolution in SOCHUM

UN Climate Change Conference 2009 – Copenhagen 

Indonesia (GWU) makes a speech in Copenhagen

Japan (BU) seeks to get the best ideas out of her caucus bloc allies in Copenhagen

Peru (Tulane) delivers a scathing speech against states that claim to be pro-clean oil like Saudi Arabia

Yemen (Stanford) and Switzerland (Rutgers) hash out their ideas together in Copenhagen

UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction

Delegates in UNISDR are up early to work on their draft resolution before committee even started

Italy (Kenyon) speaks during moderated caucus in UNISDR

Indonesia (GWU) addresses the committee during moderated caucus in UNISDR

Costa Rica (Queen's University) makes his policies known in UNISDR

The United Kingdom (Harvard) articulates her points during moderated caucus in UNISDR

Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ)

Australia (Emory) makes a passionate speech in CCPCJ

Cote d'Ivoire (Virginia Tech) makes a speech in CCPCJ

Canada (GWU) proposes an idea in the CCPCJ

Iraq (Florida State) delivers her arguments in CCPCJ

Ghana (Tulane) speaks with another delegate during unmoderated caucus in the CCPCJ

Delegates defend their ideas during unmoderated caucus in the CCPCJ

Lesotho (Amherst College) and Uruguay (Colgate) look to see if they have similar policies as lesser-developed nations in the CCPCJ

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees 

Netherlands (Michigan State) leads her caucus bloc in the UNHCR

Finland (Frostburg State) adds some good ideas to the caucus bloc in UNHCR

Delegates work hard on the draft resolutions in the UNHCR

Delegates are excited about their solutions in the UNHCR

World Health Organization

Power play -- China (U.Chicago), Australia (Emory), Egypt (WashU), and Rep. of Korea (Cornell) jockey for leadership of the caucus bloc in the WHO

Pirates of the Caribbean – Brethren Court 

Delegates get in the spirit for the Pirates of the Caribbean - Brethren Court

Pirates of the Caribbean - Brethren Court chairs work with delegates

Pirates listen to the chairs' instructions in Pirates of the Caribbean - Brethren Court

Two pirates form an alliance and strategize together in Pirates of the Caribbean - Brethren Court

Pirates analyze the strategic positioning of the global shipping routes

Crisis staff is ready to wreak havoc on the pirates

United Nations Security Council 2020

The chairs of the UN Security Council 2020 smile for the camera

Egypt (WashU) speaks in the UN Security Council 2020

Saudi Arabia (Case Western Reserve University) demonstrates his argument to Russia (Yale)

Delegates participate in an intense unmoderated caucus in UNSC 2020

Bulgaria (U.S. Naval Academy) explains her opinions to another delegate

Delegates form their caucus bloc in the UNSC 2020

South Africa (Delaware) and Japan (Boston University) get a head start on their draft resolution

Xenothreat Conclave

A delegate makes an important point in the Xenothreat Conclave

Delegates engage in a discussion during unmoderated caucus in the Xenothreat Conclave

Delegates debate during unmoderated caucus in the Xenothreat Conclave

 Titans of Industry

The dais of Titans of Industry is dressed up for the times

Richard Sears has to defend himself after the committee expresses its disapproval of his unilateral action to influence a Presidential election

Adolphus Busch grills Richard Sears in Titans of Industry

Cornelius Vanderbilt II is still angry at Richard Sears in Titans of Industry

Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations, Mossad

Delegates listen to a crisis update in the Mossad

Delegates in the Mossad vote unanimously to take action in the Middle East

Crisis Staff

Crisis staff plans out the next crisis

Crisis staff hard at work

Overall, it looks like delegates are very engaged in debate and are enjoying UPMUNC!

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