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WAMUNC Delegates Tour DC, Meet IR Professionals, & Debate GWU Professors

by Ryan on March 25, 2011

Situated in the heart of nation’s capital, WAMUNC makes the most of the myriad learning opportunities that Washington, DC offers to students interested in politics and international affairs.

WAMUNC day 2 started with staff leading delegates on morning tours to see major landmarks throughout the city. Delegates then got a chance in the afternoon to meet international relations professionals working for organizations related to WAMUNC committees. Delegates in the Organization of American States actually visited the office of the OAS and Arab League delegates visited the embassy of the United Arab Emirates.

Several committees also featured guest speakers. The Disarmament and International Security Committee brought in Professor Henry Nau of the Elliott School of International Affairs, who teaches “Introduction to International Relations,” a class that’s taken by a fifth of GWU undergraduates. Prof. Nau opened his presentation by asking delegates for any questions or comments they had about international affairs, which I thought was a great way for him to understand his audience and tailor his presentation accordingly. Delegates asked a lot of good questions, which turned into an engaging discussion on Libya, Obama’s stance on the Middle East, and the responsibility of international organizations to intervene on behalf of human rights.

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