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by Kymberley Chu on October 28, 2015

Hello everyone!

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My name is Kymberley Chu and I will be the media associate for the Middle East region. I’m a junior at the Universal American School of Dubai (UASD). I’m truly excited to work with the media team to ensure a true and global representation of MUN! Living in the Middle East, I am glad to live in such an international atmosphere and learn more about the various cultures. Besides being a MUNer, I enjoy reading, hiking, and visiting museums.

As a third year MUNer, my past roles included student ambassador and delegate in conferences such as THIMUN Qatar. I am also an MUN Institute alumna. My chairing includes a few conferences such as Amman Model United Nations (AMMUN) in Jordan. Also, I’m involved in non-traditional ways such as coaching my school’s MUN program. Being a coach, I truly believe that everyone deserves a chance to try MUN and to learn more about the way our world functions politically while being global citizens.

In the Middle East, prominent conferences such as Dubai International Academy (DIAMUN) give way to the diverse body of delegates that are eager to attend. Small yet emerging conferences have been developed. Although the conferences are not acknowledged at an international level, the conferences themselves reveal the leadership potential every delegate has in this region.

As the media associate for the Middle East, I look forward to providing more content on such emerging conferences and community outreach in this region. Specifically, I would also like to publish other materials for you to know more about the unique characteristics of MUN globally. The media team is eager to further expand in the MUNiverse through covering MUN related topics such as MUN-affiliated service projects and student leadership.

I hope that you can let me be part of your MUN journey, please contact me at kymberley@nullbestdelegate.com if you have any ideas or suggestions!

Kymberley Chu

Media Associate for Middle East

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