Welcome Message from Mohamed Ghedira, Media Chair of Northern Africa

by ghediram on October 22, 2014

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Dear Fellow Delegates,

My name is Mohamed Ghedira and I am honored to serve as Best Delegate Media Chair of Northern Africa. This is my first experience working for Best Delegate and I am truly excited  to develop the Model United Nations concept in my region through Best Delegate activities.

I am a third year Medical student in the Faculty of Medecine of Sousse in Tunisia and I started my Model United Nations experience with the Tunisian International Model United Nations (TIMUN). During my first participation, I won the best delegate title as the representative of France among the Security Council and the following year, I served as Secretary General during the fifth TIMUN annual conference. I also took part in other international conferences such as the Vienna International Model United Nations (VIMUN) in celebration of their 20th birthday.

Currently,  I am the President of the Tunisian International Model United Nations (TIMUN), and it is my pleasure to announce that our association is the one and only of its kind that has been organizing United Nations models in Tunisia and in North Africa since 2009.

As a Medical Student, I am often asked about the reason why I joined the Model United Nations experience. My answer is always that I am a deep believer that even if international relations or diplomacy are not your fields of studies, it is your duty to be aware of the main international issues and crises that we are facing. In a world that is changing quickly, challenges are fast-growing and include climate catastrophe, gender inequality or humans rights transgressions which are, in addition, intimately connected to the medical matters.

I am also a believer that enrolling oneself in a Model United Nations experience can radically change the life of a young person. It actually changed mine as it gave me the opportunity to discover the United Nations world, the crucial importance of a delegate in representing his country and trying to manage to convince the others to adopt his resolution, and operating amendments within a resolution. Once you start this life-time journey, you will be tempted to drop everything you were doing in the past and become a full-time MUNer, and that is what I would call the Model United Nations magic effect.

The Tunisian International Model United Nations (TIMUN), as a leader of the Model United Nations concept in North Africa, is growing bigger year after year, challenge after challenge. Therefore, we are intending to develop the area and increase the impact of our activities as we know that a Model United Nations association is a space for young people to lean, debate, express their points of view and discuss possible solutions about International Relations and Global Issues. This is the main reason why I’m addressing myself to you is because I am sure about the role Best Delegate can play in connecting MUNers in North Africa through this extraordinary platform.

MUNers of today are the leaders of tomorrow, Best Delegate is a great way for delegates all over the world to improve themselves; with that said, let’s all take the challenge of connecting and spreading the Model United Nations within North Africa and the entire world.

Please feel free to contact me if you ever are interested to discuss matters,  add any suggestions or get to know each other by emailing ghediram@nullbestdelegate.com

Thank you and best regards,

Mohamed Ghedira

Media Chair of Northern Africa

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