Welcome Message from the Chair of Central America and the Caribbean

by jessc on October 12, 2014

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to BestDelegate.com! My name is Jessica YeonJoo Choi, and I will be serving as the Best Delegate Media Chair of Central America and the Caribbean for the academic year 2014-2015.
Not only do I have butterflies about working for a leading educational platform, I am also genuinely happy to have an opportunity to interact with an audience that are just as interested in MUN as I am.
The best way for me to explain to anyone why MUN is an excellent learning opportunity for a young person would be through my own MUN experience so far. Four years ago, I attended my first conference on crutches, with a cast around my ankle. What happened to my character and perspective in the years after my initial MUN experience was as drastic as being able to run again after having a broken ankle. I am no longer the shy conformist that I once was. I am also grateful that I now have a sense of commitment to a better future and critical thinking skills (always progressing!). Such benefits that I’ve enjoyed, along with the pure fun of it, are why I believe MUN to be an incredibly powerful educational instrument for today’s youth.

I have been lucky enough to attend several MUN conferences, but I am also aware of the fact that MUN is a relatively uncommon opportunity in Central America & the Caribbean. It is therefore one of my goals as a part of the Global Media team this year to improve the network of data and communication in the region that I represent. Raising awareness and cultivating interest to make MUN a more accessible and familiar programme will be substantially impactful for the development of the region, as it will educate its youth as capable future leaders.

I would like to conclude my welcome message with one of my favourite quotes from Gerald Seymour:
“One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”
This quote encapsulates MUN’s ability to teach us to look at both sides of an issue. Personally, it further represents MUN’s potential to foster a generation that could sit both men down to discuss a solution to their issue.

Best wishes,

Jessica YeonJoo Choi

Chair of Central America & Caribbean

International School of Panama

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