Welcome message from the Under-Secretary General of Latin America

by Natalia Daza on October 9, 2014

Dear Best Delegates,

My name is Natalia Daza, and I’m glad to serve you as Best Delegate’s Under-Secretary General of Latin America. I could not be more excited to be part of a team of such experienced and dedicated delegates from all around the world.

Regarding my experience in Model UN, I’ve been part of the circuit for about four years. As a Best Delegate fan, I had the opportunity to attend two Best Delegate Summer Programs, an eye opening and life changing experience. Currently, I work with my local UNA conference team (COLMUN), teach Model UN skills in public school programs and seek everyday challenges related to Model UN.

Just as many of you, I started as a shy trembling delegate who tried to write a whole intervention in a piece of paper. However, by the time I’ve been in the circuit, Model UN has taught me how perseverance, dedication and sharing knowledge could bring out the best of me, as well as has provided me meaningful friendships from both conferences and summer programs.

As Under-Secretary General of Latin America, my goal for the region is to explore a wider audience by providing high quality and diverse region focused articles both in English and Spanish. Moreover, I would like to encourage and prepare delegates in the region to attend international conferences, as well as introduce international delegates the different parliamentary procedures managed in Latin America.

That being said, I am delighted to start working with one of the best Model UN sources, and I hope I am able to help Best Delegate as well as the region to keep on improving. If you ever have any feedback, concern, question or ideas, please feel free to email me at natidazani@nullbestdelegate.com, I’ll be glad to answer.



Natalia Daza Niño

Under-Secretary General of Latin America.

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