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by Richard Zhao on November 4, 2016

Hey delegates! Greetings and welcome!

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-11-38-45-amMy name is Richard Zhao and I will be serving as the Editor for training content for the 2016-2017 school year. Like most, the impact and role BestDelegate takes on has been an incredible resource, to foster a supposed “extra-curricular activity” which quickly consumed my life and became more than I could have ever hoped for. Many of my achievements thus far, are both directly and indirectly affiliated to the skills I’ve polished through MUN and by association Best Delegate. I’m both incredibly humbled and grateful to be given the opportunity to further the goals and objectives of BD, and ensure that the content we as a collective team will publish, aims to better delegates not simply just as delegates, but as global citizens. But this article isn’t about me, rather an incredibly diverse team consisting of 7 unique individuals (5 different time zones). With each and every one of them adding unprecedented value to the training content, consulted by Model U.N enthusiasts from around the world. I only hope you’ll enjoy reading and learning from our material, as much as we enjoy creating them. With that being said,

It is with the utmost gratification that I present to you, the BestDelegate training content team of 2016-2017!

Richard Zhao (rzhao@nullbestdelegate.com)-Editor of Training Content



Ayush Saxena -Media Associate Training Contentimg_26431

Ayush  is a media associate for training content at Best Delegate. He is a senior at J.P. Stevens aspiring to utilize the soft skills and work ethic acquired through Model UN to facilitate studying business in college. From taking crisis to training crisis he succeeded as an underdog and found his niche in crisis, which he wholeheartedly enjoys for its fast pace, substance, and creativity. Specifically, Ayush prefers historical crises for their in-depth historical analysis and potential to remake history.He also serves as the Secretary-General and Crisis Czar for JPSMUN, one of Best Delegate’s top 25 high school programs. In his free time, Ayush enjoys volunteering for Peter Jacob’s campaign for Congress, playing Overwatch, reading the Economist, and trying new restaurants.




John Salchak -Media Associate Training Content

John Salchak is currently a high school senior at William P. Clements High School in Sugar   Land, Texas. He began his Model UN career as a freshman and has served as his club’s president for the last two years. Over the course of his time in MUN, he has attended 9 conferences around the state of Texas, chaired committees, and has completed both the Ambassador and Secretary General programs at the MUN Institute. Having read BestDelegate.com since starting MUN, he is excited to have the opportunity of spreading his passion for MUN with others and looks forward to a year full of providing quality content for a growing readership.



                                                                                             Pınar Sezgin-Media Associate Training Contentmunish14

Pınar Sezgin is one of the Media Associates for Best Delegate this year. She’s 16 and a junior high school student in a relatively small city in Turkey, Eskişehir. When she was in her freshman year, none of the high schools in her city had a MUN Club, and her school was the first one to establish one. Joining the club,she loved the concept of Model UN and attended conferences in different cities such as The Hague, Istanbul and Boston; and had chances to experience different committee procedures. After a year, she was elected as her school’s MUN Club President. She has now taken on the role of teaching new and experienced delegates at her school, and chairs practice simulations. She claims that seeing her club grow every day, makes her very proud and happy, considering they started with very little.

Besides MUN, Pınar is interested in arts and biology. She loves acrylic painting, traveling, and cooking by herself. She’s also one of the co-founders of The Book Club at her school and is very passionate about reading

Samantha Griffith-Media Associate Training Content

Samm Griffith


Samantha “Samm” Griffith is in grade 11 at Troy Athens High School in Troy, Michigan. After attending the Model United Nations Institute Ambassador Program at Harvard during the summer of 2015, Samm was one of the original members of the 2o15-2016 Alumni Board, traveled to Hungary and China for MUN, and attended MUNI again at Harvard in the summer of 2016. In her free time, she enjoys competitively diving, power lifting and participating in track and field. Samm aims to learn to be a better delegate through helping others develop her same passion for Model United Nations.





George Mullens – Media Associate Training Content

georgeGeorge Mullens is a British and Italian Masters student reading International Studies and Diplomacy at SOAS, University of London. Having started participating in Model UN at the age of 15, he has attended numerous conferences in a variety of capacities: from delegate and chair to Secretary-General of the very first MUN conference at the University of Sussex where he completed his undergraduate degree. Presently, he is also the USG Chairing for UkraineMUN in 2017 and Deputy Director General for Chairing and Logistics for LIMUN: High School.Asides from MUN, he has previously interned at the Italian Embassy in London for five months, enjoys singing and adores cooking amazing Italian food; from fresh pasta and risotto to wood-oven pizza back in Rome                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Rose Jacobs  – Media Associate Training Content bdpic2

Rose Jacobs is a high-school senior from Chicago, IL currently attending Walter Payton College Prep. She has participated in Model UN for the past four years, serving as the member of the Board of Directors and the Director of Training and Education Coordination (Head Delegate) on the Chicagoland MUN Club, a registered 501(c)(3) dedicated to promoting MUN education for students throughout Chicago. She also is the Secretary-General for Northern Illinois Model UN (NIMUN), the largest MUN conference for middle school students in the Midwest. From being a newbie delegate in the back of DISEC who didn’t know what an NGO was to attending over a dozen conferences last year, Rose credits Model UN with the development of her love of international affairs and her improvisational abilities. In the few fragments of Rose’s life that exist outside the realm of Model UN, she enjoys political punditry, her slam poetry team, being a mediocre guitar player, and pretending to know what she is talking about.


Satya Amin – Media Associate Training Content

Satya Amin is in Grade 10 at Indus international School in Bangalore, India. After attending the Crisis Program at Harvard in 2015, he joined the Alumni Board before taking part in the Secretary-General Program at Georgetown in the summer of 2016. Outside of Model UN, some of Satya’s interests include photography, reading, and theater. Through Model UN, Satya hopes to learn more about the world, as he fundamentally enjoys collaborating with other delegates to develop as a person.





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