WEMUN Liveblog: 9 Most Prestigious Conferences in 1

by KFC on August 6, 2011

Secretaries-General of the nine most prestigious conferences in the world converge at WEMUN in China. (Left to right: Hunter Richard of HMUN, Anja Gullerfelt of EuroMUN, Phill Venice of ILMUNC, Dan Freehling of BeanMUN, Marj Berman of YMUN, Adam Giansiracusa of NAIMUN, Ben Smithgall of MUNUC, Shuwei Huo of WEMUNC, and Tiffany Wang of BMUN)

Best Delegate is live from Beijing, China where we are covering the WEMUN Expo!

WEMUN is actually an exposition of nine of the most prestigious conferences in the world all in one conference: Berkeley BMUN, Boston University BeanMUN, EuroMUN, Harvard HMUN, U. Penn ILMUNC, U. Chicago MUNUC, Georgetown NAIMUN, WEMUNC, and Yale YMUN. Each conference provides directors to run their conference’s set of committees and are assisted by local students to staff the dais.

WEMUN is attended by 2,000 students; roughly 1,500 are Chinese students interested in studying overseas and about 500 are from around other parts of the world. They’ve all converged into the Grand Epoch Hotel — the resort complex is designed to be a one-sixth replica of the Forbidden City — to debate about global issues, learn about other cultures, and have fun.

We’ll provide full coverage including a highlight on guest speaker Gillian Sorensen from the United Nations Foundation, committees in action, the Global Village, and more!


Editor’s note: Unfortunately, all the photos that Best Delegate’s Kevin Felix Chan took during WEMUN were stored on his laptop’s hard drive and that hard drive managed to die on him while he was in Asia. We’ll hope those photos can be recovered so that they can be used for more WEMUN articles. 

  • MUN147

    Not to be rude, but statements like “the nine most prestigious conferences in the world” are what occasionally turn me off of this site. Who is to say what makes one conference more prestigious than another? I have nothing against these programs, but without an objective measure of “prestige” I don’t think this is a proper characterization, especially when presented as fact rather than opinion. MUN is, by your own admission, very fragmented and decentralized, and I’m sure you will find a very wide variety of opinions as to what constitutes a “competitive” or “prestigious” conference.

    To be frank, making such blanket claims without qualifying them as your own opinion greatly undermines your credibility when claiming to speak for the MUN community as a whole.

    • http://bestdelegate.com Ryan

      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate what you wrote about the use of the word “prestigious.” I would just point out that the goal of this article was not to define prestige or compare conferences, but rather to highlight how cool it is for these 9 organizations to run a Model UN conference in a foreign country a whole continent away, and for WEMUN to bring them all together. Whether you want to call it prestigious or not, the conference organizers should feel good about what they’ve accomplished, and our role as Best Delegate is to share these accomplishments with the MUN community.

    • http://bestdelegate.com KFC

      Hey MUN147,

      Actually, “9 Most Prestigious Conferences, in 1 Expo” is the marketing tagline of WEMUN. That tagline is on almost all their banners that were displayed throughout the conference. Best Delegate did not determine that these are the 9 most prestigious conferences in the world, although we did modify it in our article as “nine OF the most prestigious.” So therefore, I’m just reporting on the conference here and not trying to judge prestige.

  • Jag Singh

    <3 WEMUN

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Euromun-Maastricht/100001985731917 Euromun Maastricht

    It’s quite interesting European Model United Nations (aka EuroMUN) is represented at WEMUN Expo by Anja Gullerfelt, given we have never heard of her.

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