West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South Launches SouthMUNC

by Nikita on April 12, 2014

Delegates in the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ)

Delegates in the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ)

On Saturday March 29th, both novice and experienced Model UN delegates from across New Jersey were greeted with the opportunity to take part in the first ever South Model United Nations conference hosted by the WWP South Model United Nations Team in West Windsor, New Jersey. The idea was sparked early on in the year and the entire Secretariat, comprised of Junior and Senior members of the team worked tirelessly from then onwards to ensure a smooth conference experience for all those attending.

Many schools, including Middlesex County Academy, Lawrenceville Prep and Morristown High School, were in attendance along with accommodations provided to individual delegates from across the state simply wishing to experience Model UN and its workings on a first time basis. The entire team helped to facilitate the one-day conference by creating and staffing a number of General Assemblies, Economic and Social Councils, as well as Crisis Committees. These groups were created with the purpose to foster an understanding within delegates of the real-life roles of the United Nations.

For example, one of the General Assemblies assumed the role of the Secretary General’s Summit on Syria in 2015 where delegates were asked to create novel solutions to the impending Civil War through the perspective of the future and a changing timeline. Delegates in one of the Economic and Social Councils were asked to assume the role of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice to address the issue of International Espionage and its implications on political ties between nations. Crisis committees were also created to give delegates the power to manipulate history itself, through the adaptation of the Dutch East India Company: 1619, allowing delegates to create and ultimately manage the first Multinational Corporation recorded to date.

Each of these committees was chaired by senior members of the SouthMUN team, who have each had years of experience on the collegiate Model UN circuit and helped to give both individual delegates, faculty advisors and head delegates feedback as needed on performance.

Under-Secretary-General of Registration and Business, Austin Meo (Class of ’15) worked diligently in organizing the logistics of the event and was enthused to watch the idea of hosting a conference grown throughout the year: “We did run into some rough patches in terms of securing a venue, and recruiting schools. But overall,  I would say this conference was a huge success. Not only did we have the ability to host several teams from across Jersey, but we were able to accomplish doing so in a manner that helped individual delegates grow, regardless of their initial skill level. I think that’s what really made SouthMUNC different from the other conferences out there – delegates were in an environment where they could really understand how MUN worked and grasp the intricacies behind it. There is no doubt in my mind that we’ll be hosting again next year and this will soon be a lasting tradition of SouthMUN.”

If you have any questions about SouthMUNC, or have any questions for the SouthMUN team, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at piratemun@nullgmail.com or at www.southmunc.com!



Secretary-General Suchira Sharma at Opening Ceremonies


Delegates Caucus during an Un-Moderated Caucus


Crisis delegates in the Dutch East India Company write a joint-directive]


A delegate makes a speech in the Secretary-General’s Summit on Syria:2015


SouthMUNC Secretariat, (from left to right) Arnav Sood, Abhimanyu Muchhal, Rohan Patlolla, Austin Meo, Pareel Shah, Mike Byrnes and Suchira Sharma

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    This was a great conference – the evolving timeline in the futuristic GA was exciting to say the least and I know I’m coming back next year!

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