Why You Should Apply to Staff at GCIMUN

by KFC on November 23, 2010

UNA-USA announced the Senior Secretariat for its Global Classrooms International Model United Nations conference (GCIMUN) last week, and applications for staff are now up! The Best Delegate team highly recommends any college student to apply to staff. We could give you a ton of reasons to apply, but we’ll let this year’s Senior Secretariat convince you:

Ban Ki-moon at GCIMUN Opening Ceremonies

Why this is your dream conference:

Want to sit inside the real General Assembly Hall? Want to hear the real Secretary-General speak? Want to meet over over 2,000 of the brightest high school students from literally all over the world? If so, then GCIMUN is for you. You will have the opportunity to do all this – and more. Get your travel and hotel expenses paid for while you enjoy a week in New York City, the capital of the world. You’ll make new friends, learn more than you could ever imagine, and have one of the best weeks of your life.

Sam Lichtenstein, Secretary-General

Free trip to New York, work in the United Nations, see Ban Ki-moon speak, and make new friends — this sounds pretty awesome! But wait, there’s more!

Many staffers were once delegates in the Global Classrooms program

Why this conference is unique:

Something that is exciting and unique about GCIMUN is that you’ll find many of the members of the staff (and indeed the Senior Secretariat) started their Model UN careers as delegates at the conference or in another Global Classrooms conference. Not only have they seen the conference grow and evolve over the years, but they’ve also grown with it.

— Nora Radtke, Director-General

There are several Model UN conferences held at the United Nations and each one has its own unique culture and emphasis. GCIMUN is the only one that emphasizes education through its Global Classrooms program. This is really an opportunity to give back to the MUN community and empower the next generation of leaders.

Ready to help change the world? Apply now!


Best Delegate member Sarah wrote a great post on  “How to Apply for Conference Staff.” This is a good read for anyone who is unfamiliar with applying for conferences hosted by organizations (as opposed to your own college’s conference). Leave your name and email address below if you’d like help on your application:

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