2013-2014 Collegiate Circuit Preview: The College of William & Mary

by Mari on September 30, 2013

William & Mary senior Connor Smith is Head Delegate in his fourth and final year on the circuit.  A skillful speaker, Connor’s diplomatic personality is infectious, and transfers to the entire W&M team, as they are known to be some of the most personable delegates on the circuit both in and out of committee.  William & Mary finished last season at 8th place in our final rankings.

 What are your goals for this year for your team? 

Connor: This year, we’re aiming to expand William & Mary’s footprint by attending a wider array of conferences and drawing more schools to &MUN. I define success in terms of our positive impact on the conferences we attend: if we can project a spirit of knowledgeability, inclusivity, and friendliness onto more blocs, committees, and MUN friendships, I think we will have accomplished our goals for this year.

What are you most looking forward to this season?

W&M at McMUN

The 2012-2013 William & Mary team at McMUN 2013.

Connor: Personally, since I wasn’t around this summer, I’m really excited to see all of my MUN friends again. I think, during the year, you get so used to seeing these people almost every month that it’s kind of strange to spend a summer away from the circuit. And of course, I’m excited for all the new places William & Mary is going to travel. I still haven’t gotten over the strange feeling of seeing someone I know in a different city, or even on a different continent, and that rush is what has kept me doing MUN for all these years.

Each day leading up to CMUNNY, Yale’s SCSY and Boston University’s BarMUN, we’ll be featuring a few teams. If you would like to see your team featured, please reach out to Mari Manoogian at marimanoogian@nullbestdelegate.com.

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