WMHSMUN XXV Recap & Awards

by Emily on November 21, 2011

Port Charlotte High School holding their Coon Award for Diplomacy

On November 18th, WMHSMUN (William and Mary High School Model United Nations) held its 25th session, a monumental and exciting accomplishment for the William and Mary International Relations Club (IRC). In honor of its silver anniversary, the IRC staff and WMHSMUN Secretariat worked harder than ever to put together its greatest conference yet.

With 12 Novice Committees and General Assemblies and 15 Specialized Agencies and Crisis Committees, the topics of discussion were stimulating and wide-ranged. The Organization of American States Committee was conducted entirely in Spanish; the Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary General featured WMHSMUN XXIV Secretary General emeritus, Nakul Kadaba, directing a committee in which each delegate was a representative from every major terrorist organization in the world; and the Apple Board of Directors dealt with business after the death of Steve Jobs. Other notable committees included the 2008 Financial Crisis, Halliburton Board of Directors, and a novice United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs.

Port Charlotte Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General delegate holding The Coon Award

Schools from all over the country were present, ranging from California to North Carolina. Additionally, an international school, the Country Day School from Costa Rica, was in attendance.

On the conference, delegate Cameron Thrasher from Grassfield High School said, “The thing I like best is that everyone is really into this, there’s always a healthy debate and fresh ideas.”

Awards WMHSMUN offers are Best Large Delegation, Outstanding Large Delegation, Best Small Delegation, and Outstanding Small Delegation. This year, the conference’s most prestigious award, The Coon Award for Diplomacy, went to the delegation from Port Charlotte High School.

For more information on WMHSMUN and each of the topics covered, go to www.wmhsmun.org.

School Awards:

The Coon Award for Diplomacy—Port Charlotte High School

Best Large Delegation—Huntington Beach High School

Outstanding Large Delegation—Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology

Best Small Delegation—League of Creative Minds

Outstanding Small Delegation—North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

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