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Students from the Model UN workshop at the Escuela Internacional Sampedrana in Honduras.

Students from the Model UN workshop at the Escuela Internacional Sampedrana in Honduras, 2015

Want your Model UN organization to receive training from world-class Model UN educators? In addition to our website and the Model United Nations Institute, Best Delegate also works with schools and NGOs to help train students in Model UN around the world. So far, we have run workshops in over 20 countries, and have trained more than 4,000 students worldwide!  We can teach at all levels of Model UN (beginners, advanced delegates, club and conference leaders, or even faculty advisors!), and using North American, THIMUN, or UN4MUN Procedures. If you’re interested in receiving live training from one of Best Delegate’s Model UN Experts, contact us at Hosts are expected to cover accommodations, travel, and the Best Delegate consulting fee for any workshops or camps. Sign up with this formWe offer programs at the following levels:

  • Diplomat (Novice) level: We will teach students the fundamentals of Model UN to prepare them for their first Model UN Conference
  • Ambassador (Advanced) level: We will give students the tools and strategies to make the strongest speeches, write the most innovative and realistic resolutions, and be clear leaders in their committee
  • Secretary-General (Leadership) level: We will coach students through how to successfully run a Model UN club, train a Model UN team, run their first Model UN conference, or all three!
  • Crisis level: We will lead students through dynamic lessons and crisis simulations to teach them how to successfully navigate a crisis committee
  • Advisor/Director Institute: We will provide the teachers supporting Model UN organizations with the tools, curricula, global Model UN context, and strategies to lead their students to success through Model UN.

We are willing to deliver our programming at any level in either the Workshop or Model UN Camp format.

Model UN Workshops

Does your program want to introduce students to Model UN for the first time? Turn your beginner delegates into leaders in their committee? Teach your club leaders how to organize your first conference? Best Delegate offers workshops where we will come to your school or venue and teach a crash-course for any level of Model UN you need.  2-day to 5-day workshops are available at any level. These lessons are pulled right from our Model United Nations Institute, and have led our  students to be some of the most successful Model UN delegates in the world.

Private Model UN Camps

While workshops can be a great way to learn new things about Model U.N., we can also help host private week-long Model UN camps for your students. In addition to teaching our expert Model UN curriculum to the camp, we’ll bring in some of the best university-level Model UNers in the world to help us give specialized feedback to each of your students, run fun activities in small groups, and create an engaging atmosphere for students to learn Model UN. We’ve run camps from San Francisco to Seoul, and it’s an incredible and unique experience for every student involved.


Workshops must be for a minimum of 2 days in the United States and Canada, or 3 days internationally. All requests must be made via our online form– sign up using this form. Interested in more information about our Workshops and Private Model UN Camps? Check out our sample agendas and pricing information for 2-day Domestic Workshops3-day International Workshops using North American Procedure, and 3-day International Workshops using THIMUN Procedure.

WFUNA Group Photo

The High School Track at the WFUNA Youth Camp in South Korea, 2016