Yale Model United Nations (YMUN) 2014 Recap

by andrew.monioudis on February 5, 2014

This Recap was shared by Adam Gerard ASG of Outreach at YMUN XL


YMUN XL had another successful year last week, and as the conference came to a close, over 1,600 delegates from around the world returned to their hometowns with a renewed sense of responsibility, empowerment, and optimism about our future. The weekend started off with Mr. Richard Goldstone, the former prosector for the ICC and a current leader in international law, speaking to delegates about the important duty they had to fix the most pressing problems facing the world. Directly after his speech, the students went directly to facing simulations of the very problems Goldstone discussed.

A new and exciting facet of the YMUN this year was the addition of a Regional Bodies set of committees. These Regional Bodies included groups such as the Antebellum Congress, the Arab League, and the Nuremberg Trials 1945 Ad-Hoc Committee. We continued to update and revise the committee experience in other committees as well. For example, in one committee Roma Eterna, delegates simulate crisis battles through a video game computer simulation, adding an entire extra layer to the crisis experience.

However, YMUN XL went beyond the committee room. Events hosted with support of the Yale administration, faculty and student body gave YMUN XL delegates unprecedented access to life on Yale’s campus and the academic vitality one can find here. Students exchanged ideas with prestigious professors, were entertained by some of Yale’s most popular performance groups, and all got a taste of the campus via committee session held in classrooms.

We congratulate the Buckingham Browne and Nichols School (Best New Delegation), the Collegiate School (Outstanding Small Delegation), New Canaan High School (Outstanding Large Delegation), Elmont Memorial High School (Best Small Delegation) and The Hotchkiss School (Best Large Delegation). However, we know all schools benefited from their YMUN XL experience and we look forward to seeing them again next year.

“It was amazing to see students from around the world interact with each other to tackle complex and difficult topics in unique ways. It was equally inspiring to see the support the YMUN XL Secretariat received from the Yale student body, faculty, and administration. These two powerful forces, acting together, guaranteed a rewarding weekend for all those involved.” said Adam Gerard, the ASG of Outreach at YMUN XL.

Attached are some photos from the conference:


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