Yale Model United Nations (YMUN XXXVIII) Liveblog

by Emily on January 22, 2012

Yale Model United Nations (YMUN) on the campus of Yale University began its thirty eighth conference on January 19, with opening remarks by Samantha Nutt, the co-founder and Executive Director of War Child Canada. Delegates immeadiatley went into the first committee session following opening ceremonies.

YMUN contained many unique committees, such as NATO and The Trojan War JCC, along with the more traditional General Assembly. The committees were filled with intense and thoughtful debate. In multiple committees curveballs were thrown at the delegates. There was a midnight crisis in the Congress of Vienna on Friday night. Delegates were rushed back into committee after learning that Napoleon had returned to france ¬†and resumed power after exile. After long debate the United Kingdom and Russia supported Napolean’s return to power. One delegate remarks, ” I really enjoyed the midnight crisis. It was my first one, but the chairs kept us on track. It was difficult because delegates were tired after a long day of debate, but it was over all a great experience.”

The Security Council debating in a moderated caucus

The Mexican Anti-Drug Force was faced with the difficult task of ending cartel wars in Mexico. Delegates went back and forth between whether or not t0 accept aid and military training by the American Government. The committee even considered advocating that Mexico be placed under martial law, which has never happened before in Mexico’s history. President Calderon quickly rejected the idea. The committee was rocked by scandal after it was revealed that Lorenzo Zambrano was working with the Sinaloa cartel and was inadvertently responsible for the death of multiple delegate’s family members. The delegates had to work together to overcome many obstacles to insure Mexico’s safety.

Award Winners

Outstanding Small Delegation- Concord Academy

Best Small Delegation- The Lawrenceville School

Outstanding Large Delegation- The Hotchkiss School

Best Large Delegation- Bergen County Academies

Turkey speaking in UNICEFF

The Congress of Vienna working on a set of ideas during an unmoderated caucus

The Iranian Council

Closing Ceremony

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