YMUN-Taiwan Featured Series: Learning In and Out of the Committee Room

by Conna Walsh on April 5, 2014

This article was provided by Rebecca Persson, Assistant Secretary-General for Outreach for this year’s YMUN-Taiwan.

On May 23-25, 2014, the inaugural session of the Yale Model United Nations Conference in Taiwan will commence, welcoming Southeast Asia’s most ambitious and driven high school students. The vision that drove the expansion of Yale Model United Nations to Taiwan was fostered by the dedication of the Yale International Relations Association in building upon their past success to bring a truly unique and inclusive conference to Taiwan.


Students prepare for YMUN-Taiwan at a recent information session.

YMUN-Taiwan, like YMUN and the three other international conferences it holds, is at its core dedicated to providing an unparalleled educational opportunity. Through intellectual research and debate, we want to foster global and community awareness and engagement. However, the intent goes beyond learning solely through committees, as YMUN-T aspires to introduce participating delegates to an all-around unforgettable experience through workshops, panels and leadership summits. As Carol Chen, a student ambassador for YMUN-Taiwan stated, “This conference is, at its core, holistic in nature.” Thus the goal for YMUN-Taiwan — what we as the secretariat strive to ensure – is to host a conference that seeks to educate and inspire, to motivate and encourage, through two distinct platforms.

Ambitious committee sessions serve to challenge, inspire and provoke thought and critical debate regarding pressing world issues. By carefully selecting one topic per committee in which the Southeast Asian region plays an integral role, we have sought to encourage complex and in-depth debate that bears personal relevance for many participants. But what YMUN-Taiwan brings beyond creating an environment conducive to personal growth, is the opportunity for delegates to participate in Yale Admissions Panels, Extracurricular Workshops, Skills and Admissions workshops, Leadership Summits, and Academic Panels.

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Students prepare for YMUN-Taiwan at a recent information session.

Outside of committee sessions, YMUN-Taiwan aspires to introduce delegates to college life and academic opportunities, to further hone in and cement critical thinking and debate skills. What YMUN-Taiwan brings, which is truly groundbreaking, is its versatility and richness. Thus, with Yale students and admissions ambassadors present at the conference, with a leadership summit dedicated to promoting meaningful discussion on attributes of being a leader, we aspire to bring the best out of our delegates both in, and out of the committee sessions.

As Evonne Pei, another Student Ambassador for YMUN-Taiwan stated: “YMUN-T offers delegates opportunities for personal enrichment,” which we as the secretariat, aspire to achieve by creating a well-rounded and diverse conference.

For more information, visit our website at http://ymuntaiwan.yira.org/.

Registration for YMUN-Taiwan ends on March 16th, 2014

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