York Model United Nations (YorkMUN) 2012: What’s your mission?

by Fozan Ghalib on November 30, 2012

The following recap was provided with the help of Shareen Khaliq, the Secretary General of York Model United Nations 2012. Photos credit goes to Katherine Lapchenko for sharing her own YorkMUN picture edition and the amazing YorkMUN press team!

The 16th -18th of November 2012 saw the 2nd chapter of York Model United Nations (YorkMUN) take place in the beautiful historic city of York, England. In its 2nd year, the conference doubled in size from its 1st simulation in 2011, attracting delegates from all around the UK and Europe. Delegates remember the weekend of one with some of the funniest and exciting debates they’ve been in and one with an awesome social schedule to complement.

YorkMUN offers delegates a unique Model UN experience in many ways. Firstly, the Chairs assigned the delegates with secret mission objectives to act out, which are assigned in line with countries foreign policies. But the Chairs may decide to send an opposing mission to an enemy state. Secondly, the press team consists of reporters representing the newspapers of ‘The Washington Post”, “China Daily”, “Al-Jazeera” and “Russia Today”. Delegates are interviewed throughout the conference, however the articles written may not be true to interview and the articles may make it to the whole committee. These features helped create an exciting committee dynamic.

Outside these committee sessions, delegates, chairs and the secretariat bonded at some of the best locations of York nightlife. The atmosphere, friendships built and intense debates helped make YorkMUN 2012 a great weekend for all involved.

  • Best Delegation Award: University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Some of the funny one liner from YorkMUN:

Wilf Mountfield, Crisis Director, QMUL:

“Crisis. It was interesting. North Korea experienced two civil wars in two days. The government was partitioned twice and reconciled twice. Although they were occupied by China, Russia and the United States eventually, they made a good stand. Selling weapons to internationally disliked nations and causing general mayhem. Not 30min went by without a request to kill, torture, capture or injure someone. They were true sadists. North Korea’s finest”

Quotes from Crisis:

“Can I just kill him please?”
”So can we just sell the nuke to Iran?”

Quotes from HRC:

Burma: ‘Not cool, yo!’

(On seeing a draft resolution) ‘Is this a joke? I can’t believe this!’

(In a break) ‘When you get high, you get pregnant and die. Don’t do drugs.’

Syria: (On being kicked out of the Arab Leage) ‘Meh.. Don’t really care’ ‘I’ll negotiate with absolutely anyone… except France and the US’

Pakistan: ‘Dear delegates… grow up!’

Quotes from DISEC:

Sarah Sarwar, Chair DISEC, QMUL:

“Peru left early but not before declaring his undying love for North Korea. Turkey threw a strop. And Israel showed up slightly pissed.”

Viktoria Dahlrot, Co-Director DISEC, University of York:

“DISEC this year debated the highly contested subject of Demilitarization in the Middle East. We really wanted our delegates to follow their country policy and the delegates truly lived up to this expectation, making for some very lively and intense debates. With Iran and Israel present, no surprise a resolution did not pass. ”

YorkMUN Media in action – Interviewing delegates for the YorkMUN Newspaper reports.

Honorable delegates raising placards to present their country stance in DISEC Committee.

Delegates caught in action having intense discussions during unmoderated caucus.

IMF Committee during a formal session of the first day debate

DISEC Committee Directors explaining the missions assigned with respect to the country positions

Delegates pose for Best Delegate during their lunch break – IMF Committee

HRC Dais members poses for a photograph

Delegate of United Kingdom addresses the committee

Delegates working on resolutions during unmoderated caucus

Delegates during the Friday night formal dinner

Delegates spotted at the biggest nightlife in York – Tokyo

YorkMUN Media team and the Secretary General Shareen Khaliq at the Yokyo night

Delegates of China (Philippe Sahli) and United States pose for Best Delegate

IMF Dais members and a big shout out to the representative of Greece (our shadow/Observer delegate)

Crisis Committee pose for the funny committee photo competition

HRC in action during the best group photo competition

DISEC delegates group together with their chairs for a committee picture.

IMF’s crazy group picture!

The league of Arab States – Winner of YorkMUN Best Group photo

Writer’s note:

Congrats to Secretary-General Shareen Khaliq and her team on a successful conference! Chairing IMF with my Co chairs: Madalina Secareanu and Matthew Kilcoyne really turned out to be a wonderful experience. We managed to pass two resolutions (called as Communiques for IMF) on both the topics during the weekend which clearly reflected how diligent and proactive the delegates were in this expert committee. Lastly, thank you for a warm welcome to Best Delegate and for being so accommodating! YorkMUN with its beautiful city was truly an amazing experience.

Cheers to the YorkMUN team!

  • http://www.facebook.com/katusa.lapcenko Katherine Lapchenko

    That was really awesome! Thank u, guys for such amazing days and nights! It was really cool) And… I love u, my IMF committee!

  • bob

    it’s Peru and not Columbia .. .thanks

    • Fozan Ghalib

      It has been corrected, thanks!

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