Los Angeles Model United Nations (LAMUN VII) Recap

This recap has been provided by Andrew Odom, staffer at LAMUN.

LAMUN delegates in action

LAMUN VII was an exciting conference hosted at the Sheraton in Downtown Los Angeles.  Secretary General Chris Janney hosted a crisis based conference with a mix of Historical and Modern Crises including the Kurdish Insurgency within Turkey, the Russian Revolution, a dual crisis, Carthage vs. Rome in the Second Punic Wars, and Star Wars: Forging the New Republic picking up at the end of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

The unique crises created an environment that resulted in active interaction between delegates and crisis teams, as well as effective crisis response. Delegates enjoyed being in the center of America’s second largest city, in close proximity to Los Angeles’ most famous sites. By attracting out of state schools such as the University of Washington and University of Indonesia, LAMUN is growing to be a major end-of-the-year conference on the MUN circuit.

Mexican Cabinet voting on a directive concerning corruption in the Mexican Government in the Mexican Drug Wars

This photo demonstrates an innovative crisis element introduced by the crisis director of the committee. Every time a directive was passed that hurt the unity of the Turkish Republic, a piece was taken out of jenga. Once the Jenga tower toppled, it signified the beginning of civil war.

This photos shows the map of troop locations and movements of the various armies of Carthage and Rome


University of California, Berkeley won Best Large Delegation and Claremont McKenna College won Best California Delegation (second place overall). Stanford University took home the Best Small Delegation. Other schools that had multiple award winners include the University of Southern California; University of California, Santa Barbara; Northern Arizona University, and Pasadena City College.

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