The Olive Branch: Model United Nations in the Middle East

The Olive Branch is a monthly email newsletter on Model UN in the Middle East produced by THIMUN Qatar, Best Delegate, and Online MUN.

Model United Nations is growing rapidly across the Middle East. Students and teachers are starting MUN clubs and conferences throughout the Gulf, across North Africa to the west, as far east as Afghanistan, up north to Turkey, and down south to Sudan.

THIMUN Qatar is at the epicenter, hosting the region’s largest MUN conference with over 1,200 high school delegates. TQ also hosts the Qatar Leadership Conference, is pioneering Arabic-language Model UN, and has leveraged Online MUN to teach students in other countries.

To keep you up to date on the exciting changes happening with Model UN in the Middle East, THIMUN Qatar and O-MUN have partnered with Best Delegate to produce the monthly Olive Branch Newsletter.

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June 2016: Farewell to Jesse Atkins

OB Screenshot

May 2016: MSMUN-Q Recap

May Olive Branch











April 2016: Film Fest a Huge Success!

April Olive Branch Photo











March 2016: The Special Regional Committee in Arabic at THIMUN 2016












February 2016: TQ’s Secretary-General Looks Back

Feb OB Screenshot













January 2016- Building communities one MUN club at a time

January OB Screenshot













December 2015- THIMUN Qatar Countdown

December )B












November 2015- Connecting Communities

November OB












October 2015- QLC Just Around The Corner!

OB Screenshot October











September 2015- Welcome Back!

Olive Branch













June 2015 – Saying Goodbye

May 2015 – OMUN Sri Lanka and the Eastern Province MUN Initiative

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April 2015 – “And the Winners Are…” THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival Recap

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March 2015 – MSMUN-Q Team: More Than Just Pretty Faces


February 2015 – “Baluchistan Topic Removed from HRC1 Discussion at THIMUN Qatar”


January 2015 – “Submissions Now Accepted for THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival”



December 2014 – “Introducing the Model United Nations Institute”

December 2014 Olive Branch

November 2014 – “QLC-Afghanistan Initiative Launched”

Olive Branch Middle East MUN Newsletter November 2014

September 2014 – “THIMUN Qatar: Looking Ahead at 2014-2015”


May 2014 – “THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival Winner Receives 10,000 Riyals”


April 2014 – “Cracking the Glass Ceiling: Hayah International Academy Model UN”


February 2014 – “The Hague International Model United Nations – Qatar 2014”


December 2013 – “Defining Success at DCMUN VI”


October/November 2013 – “Finding Purpose, Hope, and Community at the 2013 Qatar Leadership Conference”


September 2013 – “Welcome Back: The Start of the 2013-2014 MUN Calendar”


June 2013 – “jrO-MUN Revolutionizes Security Council Debate”

June 2013 Thumbnail

May 2013 – “Former THIMUN Delegate Crowned King”

May 2013 Thumbnail

April 2013 – “Olive Branch of Peace, Tree of Knowledge”

April 2013 Thumbnail

March 2013 – “Students Converge in Doha for the THIMUN Qatar Conference 2013”

February 2013 – “Welcome to Model UN Middle East!”

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