5th Annual Pakistan’s GIKI Model United Nations (GIMUN) 2012 Recap

by Fozan Ghalib on December 22, 2012

GIMUN ’12 was held from the 9th to the 11th of November.  GIMUN is one of the biggest, most highly anticipated Model United Nations Conference in all of Pakistan, where every year, only about 350-400 participants from amongst all the prestigious institutions of Pakistan get to come to the northern side of the country to debate on one of the most pressing issues concerning the international community. This year it hosted a total of nearly 250 participants, representing 35 different institutes from all over Pakistan, making it one of the largest MUN’s held this year.

DAY 1 (Friday):

Participants started arriving after the Friday prayers and registrations got underway. Once they had been registered and lodged, the participants were asked to gather at the Auditorium for the Opening Ceremony. Mr. Aitzaz Ahsan, Pakistan’s well respected Barrister and a politician was present as the Chief Guest and a key note speaker for the event. He addressed the audience upon the lack of plurality in Pakistan. It was a befitting speech, and well directed at the youth of the country. A short Question and Answer session followed in which various political and personal questions were answered by the respected lawyer.

After the conclusion of the ceremony, the participants gathered at the Main Ground for the Cultural Cabaret. This was a social event, where participants had to set up stalls and reflect a nation’s traditions and culture. In a side-event, called the Fashion Walk, participants took to the stage and paraded with national clothing.

Apart from all the serious work of Model United Nations, the conference events like “The Cultural Cabaret” and “Theme Dinner” aim to enhance other skills like confidence, representation and teamwork, whilst alongside providing a fun time for all.

A delegation representing Islamic Republic of Iran during Cultural Cabaret.

DAY 2 (Saturday):

The day started early with MUN Sessions being conducted in various lecture halls. These sessions were spread over most of the day, and invited participants to act as delegates and debate over global issues and policies.

Later, in the evening, Noori (a famous Pakistani band known internationally for amazing Music) performed live in the Auditorium. The atmosphere was electric, and the band brought everyone to their feet. The band started off with a traditional number they had performed on Coke Studio, a beautiful symphony about fighting inner ego. They then moved on to their original songs and finished on a high with their patriotic mixes, and people were left calling for more.

Other than that, the events include concerts where the participants can scream, shout and jump off their stress in a chorus to the rhythm of most of Pakistan’s highest rated Artists and Bands.

Noori performing at GIMUN 2012 – Saturday Concert Night

Day 3 (Sunday):

The final MUN session was held in the morning. The afternoon featured Umair Jallianwala’s motivational session, where he talked about discovering inner talents. Quoting examples of various inspirational figures, he guided the audience on a journey of passion, building up the crescendo to the emphatic message: Follow your will.

The Closing Ceremony was the highlight of the day, with Asad Omar, former Engro CEO present. Talking on youth empowerment, Asad Omar emphasized on the need to have ‘laser light focus’ on your objectives, to liberate yourself and fulfill your responsibility as the youth of the country.

Umair Jallianwala with young diplomats at GIMUN 2012

Spain Delegation at Cultural Cabaret.

Portugal Delegation at Cultural Cabaret.

Australian Delegation at Cultural Cabaret.

A Delegate representing India at Cultural Cabaret.

Japanese Delegation during the Theme Dinner doing a Fashion Walk

Keynote Speakers and Chief Guest Mr. Aitzaz Ehsan a prominent figure (Pakistan’s Lawyers Association)

A Delegate stressing upon a point during his speech

A Delegate reading draft resolution in DISEC Committee

UN Security Council group photo at GIMUN 2012

UNHRC Group Photo

Jam Packed audience at Closing Ceremony

Umair Mahmood questioning the keynote speakers at GIMUN 2012

Best Delegation Award: Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar

A Highly trained team GIMUN 2012

Congratulations to Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar for winning Best Delegation Award at GIKI Model United Nations (GIMUN) 2012 and the amazing GIMUN Secretariat team for a successful conference. Credit goes to GIKI Model United Nations 2012 Press and Media team for the photos.

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