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One week at the MUN Institute

NEW VIDEO: One Week at the Model United Nations Institute

How much can students learn in just one week? In our experience at the MUN Institute, the answer is – A LOT! Each week at the MUN Institute, students learn about public speaking, research, negotiation, leadership, confidence, global issues, and so much more. In this new video, see exactly what each day is like at […]

Model UN Team Spotlight: Beaver Country Day School

Beaver Country Day School is an independent school in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Since 2014, numerous students from Beaver have attended the MUN Institute, where they studied Model UN and brought their new skills back home to share with their MUN team. According to advisors Randall Northrop and Sumaya Ibourk, “The MUN Institute has helped our […]

2018-2019 College All-Stars

2018-2019 North American Collegiate Model U.N. All-Star Team

Purpose: The purpose of the North American Collegiate Model UN All-Star Team is to recognize exemplary individuals in the college MUN community who have made a difference inside and outside of committee. These sometimes represent but are not necessarily limited to just the best delegates or award winners; conferences already determine those accolades. Rather, the […]

The 6 Levels of Model UN Experiences Explained to Parents

Your child is doing Model United Nations! But what exactly are they doing when they dress up in Western Business Attire and head off to a Model UN conference for a weekend? And how does it change as they go from being a novice to a more experienced MUNer? Although there’s no formal levels in […]


3 Things Top Model UN Advisors Do to Empower their Students While Saving Time!

Being a Model UN advisor (some regions call it director, moderator, coach) is a rewarding but time consuming job. You get to see students learn about global issues, build their leadership skills, and become inspired to go change the world. But it can be a lot of time and work trying to prepare all your […]


NEW VIDEO: How to Improve Your Body Language When Giving MUN Speeches

Giving a speech during a Model UN conference can be tough, but practice makes perfect! One way to practice is to work on your body language. Body language is a key skill to help you look and feel more confident while making a speech – it helps you and your audience focus on the main […]

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