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Our Mission

Train today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders through Model United Nations.

We believe Model United Nations is the single best activity for preparing future world leaders. Model UN introduces young people to the world’s most biggest problems in peace and security, human rights, and sustainable development — and inspires them to find global solutions. Model UN gives students a chance to learn about different countries, foreign policies, and most importantly to critically think about issues from multiple perspectives and points of view different than their own.

We believe that Model UN teaches students much needed 21st century skills. Students learn how to research, write, speak, and negotiate. Students get the opportunity to lead their peers and organize large-scale conferences. These are skills that colleges look for and that employers value. But most importantly, these are skills that students will use throughout their lives as they grow into positions of leadership. We believe that the students who do MUN today will change the world one day.

Who is Best Delegate?

Best Delegate is the world’s leading expert on Model United Nations.

Best Delegate organizes Model UN training programs at university campuses and schools in twenty countries throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Our flagship training program is the Model United Nations Institute by Best Delegate held at multiple universities across the United States.

We work with major non-profit organizations to develop Model UN programs. Our partners include the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA), UNA-USA Global Classrooms, THIMUN Qatar, Montessori Model United Nations, and many others. Our work has been observed by the United Nations Department of Public Information.

We run the world’s most popular website on Model UN, BestDelegate.com, which is read by over 600,000 readers from 190+ countries and territories annually. The website has been featured and cited in The New York Times and the Huffington Post.

Best Delegate was co-founded in 2010 by Ryan Villanueva and Kevin Felix Chan, who met at a high school Model UN conference in Southern California. The two kept in touch on the college circuit and by volunteering for UNA-USA’s Global Classrooms conferences, and eventually decided to leave their corporate jobs to turn a blog that Ryan had started from his dorm room at Yale into a global education organization dedicated to helping others succeed in Model United Nations.

Meet the Team

Ryan Villanueva


Kevin Felix Chan


Laurabeth Goldsmith


Erik Leiden


Aaron Kalafarski

Community Development Manager

Conna Walsh

Marketing Manager

Katrina Stevenson

Operations Manager

Global Media Team

The Global Media Team is responsible for writing resources, advice, and news on the BestDelegate.com website. The team includes:

Senior Leadership Team

Editor-in-Chief: Richard Zhao (richard.zhao@nullbestdelegate.com)
Editor of Training Resources: John Salchak (John.Salchak@nullbestdelegate.com)
Editor of Community Development: Elaine Miao (Elaine.Miao@nullbestdelegate.com)
Editor of MUNI Alumni Content: Rose Jacobs (rose.jacobs@nullbestdelegate.com)

Management Team

Social Media Manager: Genevieve Pool (Genevieve.Pool@nullbestdelegate.com)
Partnerships Manager: Judson Rogers (partnerships@nullbestdelegate.com)
Content Manager: Elodie Currier (Elodie.Currier@nullbestdelegate.com)
Multimedia Manager: Noran Alaa (Noran.Alaa@nullbestdelegate.com)

Media Associates of Training:

Munahil Sultana (Munahil.Sultana@nullbestdelegate.com)
Nathalie Ordonez (Nathalie.Ordonez@nullbestdelegate.com)
Priyan Selvakumar (Priyan.Selvakumar@nullbestdelegate.com)
Rohan Arora (Rohan.Arora@nullbestdelegate.com)
Dhruva Nistane (Dhruva.Nistane@nullbestdelegate.com)
Claire Wyszynski (Claire.Wyszynski@nullbestdelegate.com)

Media Associates of Community Development

Zoey Fisher (Zoey.Fisher@nullbestdelegate.com)
Kaitlyn Hammond (Kaitlyn.Hammond@nullbestdelegate.com)
Alexandros Economou (Alexandros.Economou@nullbestdelegate.com)
Christian John Ventura (christian.ventura@nullbestdelegate.com)

Media Associates of MUNI Alumni Content

Cassidy Baratta (Cassidy.Baratta@nullbestdelegate.com)
Anusha Tumallapalli (Anusha.Tumallapalli@nullbestdelegate.com)
Daniel Ordonez (Daniel.Ordonez@nullbestdelegate.com)
Lexi Rothschild-Edwards (Lexi.Rothschild-Edwards@nullbestdelegate.com)

Contact Us

Model UN private training workshops: info@nullbestdelegate.com
Model United Nations Institute: mun@nullbestdelegate.com
Media team and publicity: conna@nullbestdelegate.com

Phone: (646) 308-1411

New York Office:
295 Madison Avenue, 12th Floor
New York, New York 10017

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