America’s Best High School Model UN Teams: Top 6-10

by KFC on March 30, 2011

Centennial (pictured in 2010) came back to win Outstanding Large Delegation at NHSMUN this year

Which high schools have the best Model UN team in America? The Best Delegate team decided to answer this question and devised a methodology to come up with our Top 25 Standings. The standings are based on results as of March 21, 2011 which allowed us to capture results from NHSMUN. The standings reflect only team performance at conferences and not the overall quality of a high school program (i.e. it does not measure if a program has a class or hosts a conference).

Here is the list of the top 6-10 high school Model UN teams. At this level, every school either won an Outstanding Large Delegation or placed third at one of the “Most Competitive” conferences in the country, and most of these schools have won delegation awards or numerous awards at their more local “Large” conference as well. Check out which schools made the list!

America’s Best High School Model UN Teams: Top 6-10 Standings (as of 3/21/11)

6. Horace Mann High School (New York)

Self-proclaimed powerhouse Horace Mann was able to back up their prestigious status when it really counted. The team won an Outstanding Large Delegation at Harvard HMUN against very tough competition and was consistent throughout the season in having many delegates win awards at Princeton PMUNC and Cornell CMUNC. In addition to the travel team, the program itself is widely respected on the East Coast — it is one only a handful of high schools that hosts its own conference on the East Coast. Columbia CMUNCE Secretary-General Rhonda Shafei and U.Penn UPMUNC Secretary-General Sachi Sobti are among its alumni in the college ranks.

7. Oceanside High School (New York)

Oceanside is another well-known team from New York. The team’s top performance this year was placing third at Harvard HMUN — and only slightly behind New York rival Horace Mann in terms of total number of awards won. The team also did well in several other large out-of-state conferences that it participated in.

8. Centennial High School (Georgia)

Centennial placed a distant third behind Port Charlotte High School and Gulf Coast High School at their hometown Georgia Tech GTMUN conference to begin the Fall, but the team roared back at Nationals NHSMUN to win Outstanding Large Delegation. We valued this win at one of the most competitive conferences in the nation much more than their early-season head-to-head placing at the smaller, regional GTMUN in determining where they would place in the standings — at the end of the season, Centennial won one of the top team awards in the circuit. On a side note, GTMUN Secretary-General Kelsie Riemenschneider is among its alumni in the college ranks.

9. East Brunswick High School (New Jersey)

East Brunswick holds tryouts for its delegations to each conference and turned in consistently good performances throughout the season. The team can be considered to be among the best large delegations on the high school circuit — the team won 3rd place Large Delegation at NHSMUN and an Outstanding Large at Rutgers RUMUN. The team also had many award winners at Johns Hopkins JHUMUNC and at PhilMUN.

10. West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North (New Jersey)

West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North  has a very similar profile with East Brunswick — both New Jersey schools are among the best large delegations on the high school circuit. WWP North’s resume is highlighted with an Outstanding Large Delegation at U.Penn ILMUNC and an Outstanding Large Delegation at Johns Hopkins JHUMUNC. The team also had many award winners at Brown BUSUN.

Check out the rest of the standings with the top 11-15 and the top 16-25!


What do you think about the schools that made our Top 25? Make sure to check back on April 5th for the top 1-5!

  • Sachi

    I’m so proud of East Brunswick for making this list as an alumni of its program. We work really hard to bring a successful and large delegation to every conference we go to!

    • anonymous


  • Harry

    As the SecGen of my school from way back when, extremely proud of you guys.

    Great job with the site and the rankings; there might be some disagreements with your methodology but overall it is definitely a really solid attempt at centralizing HS Model UN.

    It will be interesting to see the P5 of the MUN circuit. Go public schoolers!!! ZERO TUITION

  • KFC

    I’m extremely glad to see comments from alums that are proud of their schools. The positive outlook is the way it should be — we wanted teams to be recognized for their work and to be able to publicize their accomplishments regardless of where they placed in the top 25.

  • Rebecca

    P5 = Mira Costa, West-Windsor South, UChicago Labs, Port Charlotte, and Dalton? Appropriate Top 5! Love, Rebecca from Dalton <3

    • KFC

      Check back on April 5th to find out! 😉

  • KFC

    We received a note asking why East Brunswick is placed ahead of West Windsor-Plainsboro North despite the latter owning a head-to-head advantage at JHUMUNC, so I wanted to address this anonmaly.

    We had weighted East Brunswick’s official 3rd place Large Delegation NHSMUN with more value than WWP-North’s 2nd place ILMUNC. Both schools won Outstanding Large at a “Large” conference (both conferences had the same weight) so that cancels each other out. Therefore, East Brunswick had a higher “score.”

    We actually didn’t catch the head-to-head at JHUMUNC despite mentioning it in both the schools’ descriptions since we were focusing on aggregate “score” when placing them. If head-to-head is kicked in at JHUMUNC, then that means devaluing the 3rd place NHSMUN to be worth less than 2nd at ILMUNC and the schools would swap places. We’ll re-analyze the data for the final end-of-year standings.

  • Rhonda

    Lots of love for HM model UN! We will regain our #1 spot again…

  • Max

    Just out of curiosity why is Henry M. Gunn not anywhere on this list? They got a Best at BMUN and Stanford with a Small Outstanding at NAIMUN. Seems like top 25 performance to our club members at least.

    • KFC

      Hi Max,

      We had Gunn right outside the top 25 based on a Best Small Delegation at BMUN. We’re also aware of the Best Delegation at Stanford as well as awards won at Santa Clara Valley and Contra Costa County, but those conferences are not as highly weighted. We missed the Outstanding Small Delegation at NAIMUN though — results submitted to us did not include that and we’ll double check it for the final end-of-season standings. Gunn could possibly break into the Top 25 with the addition of that award — it’ll depend on whether two small delegation awards can help Gunn outscore a team that won a more heavily-weighted large delegation award. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  • RDK

    Hi I was wondering how you would rank Bergen County Academies. In previous years BCA won best delegation awards multiple times at WAMUNC, best and outstanding delegation awards at YMUN, and best and outstanding delegation awards at PMUNC. Are you only considering the most recent conference results?

    • KFC

      Yes, these standings are only for results for the 2010-11 season (school year) and this edition is based on results up to March 21, 2011. A final, end-of-season standings will be released near the end of the school year. Please feel free to email us with any delegation awards that BCA won so that we can have data to verify and use.

  • Zonis

    Happy to see the old alum (E.B) still cranks it out strong. In addition, next years SG for RUMUN is an EB alum and plenty of staffers at strong conferences across the country such as CIMUN,NHSMUN,YMUN,HMUN are from the program.

  • Asian


    WW-P north also did extremely well at PMUNC and won a lot of individual awards there as well even with a lot of competition.

  • muner

    Nhsmun is valued too much. Although there were many individuals competing in that conference, many of the top schools were not there. In fact, since there were very few top mun programs at NHSMUN, it was significantly easier to create coalitions and dominate.

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  • anonymous

    I agree with muner, nhsmun is valued way too much. Most of the best schools don’t attend. PMUNC is much more competitive since WWP north, WWP south, dalton and horace mann all attend.

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  • blue

    I disagree, muner. In fact, NHSMUN breeds a highly competitive environment because less awards are given, making the reception of such awards prestigious. They consistently have a high pool of competition and many of the top schools listed in his top 25 attend the conference. NHSMUN measures the depth of the school’s ability, rather than crux upon the seniors or super juniors to carry a victory home.

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