America’s Best High School Model UN Teams: Top 6-10

by KFC on March 30, 2011

Centennial (pictured in 2010) came back to win Outstanding Large Delegation at NHSMUN this year

Which high schools have the best Model UN team in America? The Best Delegate team decided to answer this question and devised a methodology to come up with our Top 25 Standings. The standings are based on results as of March 21, 2011 which allowed us to capture results from NHSMUN. The standings reflect only team performance at conferences and not the overall quality of a high school program (i.e. it does not measure if a program has a class or hosts a conference).

Here is the list of the top 6-10 high school Model UN teams. At this level, every school either won an Outstanding Large Delegation or placed third at one of the “Most Competitive” conferences in the country, and most of these schools have won delegation awards or numerous awards at their more local “Large” conference as well. Check out which schools made the list!

America’s Best High School Model UN Teams: Top 6-10 Standings (as of 3/21/11)

6. Horace Mann High School (New York)

Self-proclaimed powerhouse Horace Mann was able to back up their prestigious status when it really counted. The team won an Outstanding Large Delegation at Harvard HMUN against very tough competition and was consistent throughout the season in having many delegates win awards at Princeton PMUNC and Cornell CMUNC. In addition to the travel team, the program itself is widely respected on the East Coast — it is one only a handful of high schools that hosts its own conference on the East Coast. Columbia CMUNCE Secretary-General Rhonda Shafei and U.Penn UPMUNC Secretary-General Sachi Sobti are among its alumni in the college ranks.

7. Oceanside High School (New York)

Oceanside is another well-known team from New York. The team’s top performance this year was placing third at Harvard HMUN — and only slightly behind New York rival Horace Mann in terms of total number of awards won. The team also did well in several other large out-of-state conferences that it participated in.

8. Centennial High School (Georgia)

Centennial placed a distant third behind Port Charlotte High School and Gulf Coast High School at their hometown Georgia Tech GTMUN conference to begin the Fall, but the team roared back at Nationals NHSMUN to win Outstanding Large Delegation. We valued this win at one of the most competitive conferences in the nation much more than their early-season head-to-head placing at the smaller, regional GTMUN in determining where they would place in the standings — at the end of the season, Centennial won one of the top team awards in the circuit. On a side note, GTMUN Secretary-General Kelsie Riemenschneider is among its alumni in the college ranks.

9. East Brunswick High School (New Jersey)

East Brunswick holds tryouts for its delegations to each conference and turned in consistently good performances throughout the season. The team can be considered to be among the best large delegations on the high school circuit — the team won 3rd place Large Delegation at NHSMUN and an Outstanding Large at Rutgers RUMUN. The team also had many award winners at Johns Hopkins JHUMUNC and at PhilMUN.

10. West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North (New Jersey)

West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North  has a very similar profile with East Brunswick — both New Jersey schools are among the best large delegations on the high school circuit. WWP North’s resume is highlighted with an Outstanding Large Delegation at U.Penn ILMUNC and an Outstanding Large Delegation at Johns Hopkins JHUMUNC. The team also had many award winners at Brown BUSUN.

Check out the rest of the standings with the top 11-15 and the top 16-25!


What do you think about the schools that made our Top 25? Make sure to check back on April 5th for the top 1-5!

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