Apply to Join the 2016-2017 Best Delegate Team! Applications due September 21st.

by KFC on September 14, 2016

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Careers at Best Delegate

Best Delegate is a global education organization with a mission of training today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders through Model United Nations. Our goal is to provide world-class MUN training and resources to 1 million students and teachers by the Sustainable Development Goals deadline of 2030. We support the Model UN community through the Model United Nations Institute, MUN workshops around the world, consulting for major MUN non-profits, and MUN resources on

The Best Delegate team is seeking to recruit A-players who are fueled by a passion to give back their MUN experiences to the global Model UN community — to bring out the best in other delegates. We operate in a fast-paced, startup-like environment that values world-class results, professionalism, and openness to feedback among the team.

There are positions currently available on three teams: Global Media Team, Marketing Team, and Product Development Team. Applicants may apply for positions on any team. Applications are due Wednesday, September 21st. Highly qualified candidates will be selected for an interview. Positions will start on October 3rd or soon thereafter.

After reading the available positions for the three teams below, you can access the application here: Staff Application.

Global Media Team

The Global Media Team has a mission of providing the best Model UN website resources and articles to the global MUN community. The team manages, which annually receives over 2 million pageviews from 710,000+ unique visitors from 190+ countries and territories. The team produces content in three categories: Training Content, Community Development, and MUN Institute Alumni.

The team consist of four Editors: an Editor-in-Chief, three Editors (one for each category), and 14 Media Associates. The service term for all positions is from October 3, 2016 to May 15, 2017.

  • Editor positions are ideal for those with prior experience at Best Delegate and the positions are paid a stipend based on projects completed.
  • Media Associate positions are ideal for MUN leaders looking to make a difference in the broader MUN community, and positions are available for university students, high school students, and MUN Institute alumni to serve their respective audiences. Media Associate positions are considered unpaid internships.

Learn about the positions available on the Global Media Team here!

Marketing Team

The Marketing Team has a mission of connecting the MUN community with the resources that can take their MUN experience to the next level. The team helps promote MUN to the general public, Best Delegate to the MUN community, and Best Delegate products and services to students, parents, and teachers seeking to improve their MUN experiences.

There are four positions available: Product Marketing Manager, Website Designer, Public Relations Manager, and Conference Partnerships Manager. The Manager positions are ideal for those with prior experience working at Best Delegate or those with relevant marketing experience, and the Website Designer position is ideal for someone with strong website design experience. Each of the positions are paid a small stipend based on projects completed. The service term for all positions is from October 3, 2016 to May 15, 2017.

Learn about the positions available on the Marketing Team here!

Product Development Team

The Product Development Team has a mission of creating turnkey MUN solutions that can be used by club leaders, conference organizers, and faculty advisors to enhance their program’s MUN experiences. The team works on useful products such as how-to guides, background guides, presentations, workbooks, and other MUN resources.

There are two types of positions available: Product Development Manager and Background Guide Writers.

  • The Product Development Manager is ideal for those with prior Editor or Diplomacy Fellow experience with Best Delegate or with relevant curriculum development experience. The position is paid a small stipend based on projects completed and the service term is from October 3, 2016 to May 15, 2017.
  • Background Guide Writers will be paid $50 per background guide completed, and the service term is based on the number of background guides assigned.

Learn about the positions available on the Product Development Team here!

If you’re interested in joining the team, apply by clicking here! Applications are due September 21st. Questions can be sent to Kevin at

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