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UChicagoPurpose of Awards

There are many definitions of success in Model UN. Some conferences value the competitive aspect of Model UN and give out awards. Awards and Rankings are meant to recognize top teams for their accomplishments in a centralized location, and we want other teams to aspire to become a top team. We believe sharing this information will be interesting and valuable to the community and that it will foster discussion among teachers, head delegates, and conference organizers on bigger issues that affect the activity such as the lack of a standardized awards criteria and transparency, creating a competitive versus an educational experience, and the sharing of best training methods.

We do not believe that awards are the purpose of Model UN — rather, awards are a way to recognize Model UN teams for their hard work and leadership in committee. Awards should support the greater purpose of Model UN, which is to be an educational experience that helps today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders, discover their passions, and change the world.

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