Ban Ki-moon and Susan Rice speak at Global Classrooms International (GCIMUN) Opening Ceremonies

by KFC on May 12, 2011

Opening Ceremonies for the UNA-USA’s Global Classrooms International Model United Nations Conference (GCIMUN) took place today, and doesn’t get any better than having Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon speak in the General Assembly Hall.

Ban Ki-moon spoke at GCIMUN Opening Ceremonies

Click on “Learn More” for photos and video of the full Opening Ceremonies!

The United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Susan Rice, also spoke at Opening Ceremonies.

Susan Rice addresses the delegates at GCIMUN Opening Ceremonies

Ambassador Rice understands the power of social media and appropriately posted up a picture of Ban Ki-moon sitting at the General Assembly Hall on her Twitter account:

Ambassador Rice tweeted a photo of Ban Ki-moon at the UN

In addition to speeches by Ban Ki-moon and Susan Rice, United Nations Foundation President Timothy Wirth and GCIMUN Secretary-General Sam Lichtenstein also urged delegates to take action today.

We kept this post short because the United Nations actually captured the full opening ceremonies on video so you can watch it all here:

Also, you can check out Global Classroom’s Facebook album of Opening Ceremonies.

  • Enric Duran

    My daughter is participating in the Model UN these days and it has been very exciting to have the opportunity to see the opening conference from Barcelona (Sapin). We have not been able to see her but at least we have a good feeling of what is going on in the UN headquarters and imagine what this may represent for her. Please, if there are other on line webcasts let us know! Best Regards, Enric Duran

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